From the shoe box to no avail, just magic to be turned into a useful item. With a little extra touch, your shoe box can also beautify your home. Check out the following description yes.

  1. Magic shoes box

You just need cutter, duct tape, wrapping paper, and glue. Without the need to buy shelves or baskets, this shoe box creations you can use to place your favorite books or makeup tools.


  1. Stop contact with the number of chargers that stuck make the house so messy. Just hide in a shoe box to make it more pleasing to the eye.


The trick, make a hole a few holes on one side of the box using a cutter or scissors. Then fit the eyelets in each hole. Coat the surface with wrapping paper.

  1. Media painting is not merely in the picture book or canvas, but also in the lid of the shoe box. With this, no frames or frames to display your work.


First, apply a paint image or craft paint using a brush. If dry, then pour your talent there. buy a picture frame, your painting can already be displayed on the wall of the house.

  1. Instead of your laptop so damaged by heat, use a laptop stand that is easily made from shoebox


First make sure the container you use the lid is connected with the box. Then cut the box diagonally using a ruler and cutter. Then fold and close again so that the cartons are all square shaped so the triangle is right-angled.

  1. With the addition of a toilet paper carton, the shoes box can be turned into a systematic stationery place.



Simply seal the surface of the box with wrapping paper and an extra carton of used toilet paper in it, your pen and stationery can be beautifully displayed.

  1. In order for your collection of rings to remain durable, keep neatly in the jewelry box.



In order to look more beautiful jewelry box, coat the surface with a wrapping paper. Then place a towel or patchwork with a bend pattern. Then place the collection of rings on the sidelines of the folds of cloth.

  1. Shoes box also you can use to wrap the gift.



You just have to coat it with wrapping paper, patterned cloth, lace, or brown jute cloth as an outer coating, the gift you give will look more beautiful without having to buy a ready-made gift box.

  1. Do you have a nice and strong shoe box? Just put it on the wall of the house.


It’s time for you to use as an ornament shelf. Make a shoe box more beautiful, then stick on the wall of the house with nails. After that, put some ornaments and flowers-bun

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