To give a gift to your partner, one alternative is to find this special gift through online marketplace of local handmade products. Besides being cheaper, you can guarantee its uniqueness. Still confused what search? No need to worry, there are 8 of these presents that you can give!

1. You do not want him to be too late, wooden hours you can choose for him

Not wanting to tease his habit, you just want to help him to be more timely. Let the gift of the clock you do not seem the market, you can give him wooden watches.

2. Encourage your friends with a tote bag with interesting quotes

That spirit does not have to be spoken directly. You can keep reminding your best friend with a tote bag with interesting quotes like “I’m not a pessimist, I’m just being realistic.”

3. Hanger with his name carved, let them remember there are people who want to bother making this for them

Hanger with his name can be an interesting gift. In addition to helping him hang and take clothes, this hanger can also be a decoration of his room.

4. Let him wrap all your dreams, plans and memories with you in a journal


Your spouse or friend likes to write a journal or diary? Giving a collage of journals that attractive designs can make them always eager to write dreams, plans and all stories about you.

5. Give a gift of the workaholic calendar this planner. So he does not forget the important things of his work again

You have a brother, a friend or a workaholic and discipline girlfriend. Calendar presents that serve as a planner can also be a reward for them. Do not forget to choose a unique design, such as the above calendar for example.

6. Singles Guidebook suitable for friends or relatives no longer have to lament his single status

Issues related to singles, ranging from quotes about singles, singles myths, girls codes or guys, the benefits of being single, things to do for single person, may make the singles not lament, but instead enjoy the single status they.

7. Inculcate the suggestion that every day is special by giving decorative gifts containing inspirational words

You want your special people always feel their days are special too. If so, give this decoration gift. A wall decoration or a table filled with inspirational words can be an encouragement as they begin activities, or reminders when they feel down because something unpleasant happens.

8. Give a painting cup for a coffee or tea session he is more fun

The cup can also be a unique gift with a little creative touch like a painting or just a sketch. It must be coffee or tea moments he will not be flat like a plain cup. Just imagine they sipped coffee or tea while watching your hand graffiti.

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