Needs some greenery for your home? Well, there will be so many choices for you. From the plants to the planters, everything could be adjusted based on your need and will. Anyway, it will be even better if you provide everything by yourself. It means that you can create DIY projects to present the indoor greenery to your home. You can create the proper planter based on the design style you want to have, based on the plants, and also the spot you want the plants to be displayed. Here are some possible indoor greenery ideas you can have.


The herbs commonly will be displayed in the kitchen. Not only for the fresh atmosphere need, but the herbs also will be useful since you can pick it and add to your cooking ingredient, to your smoothies, salad, sandwich, and more. Put the herbs on the kitchen island, countertop, hang it on the wall, or you can even have them near your kitchen window.

Blue Herb Planter from Thegardenglove

Wall Herb Garden from Decoredo.

Wall Herb Garden from Thegardenglove

Bowls Herb Planters from Thegardenglove

Old Wooden Drawers Planter from Thegardenglove

Jar Herbs Planter from Architectureartdesigns

Celery Indoor Garden from Architectureartdesigns

Glass Bottles Planter from Architectureartdesigns

Painted Glass Planter from Architectureartdesigns

Tin Can Wall Garden from Architectureartdesigns

Wooden Rack Herbs Display from Architectureartdesigns

Glass Herb Planter from Architectureartdesigns

Vertical Bottle Garden from Architectureartdesigns

Gutter Herbs Garden from Homedit

Hanging Herbs Planters from Homedit

IKEA Storage Garden from Homedit

Sunken Counter Herbs Garden from Homedit

Vertical Box Planter from Homedit

Windowsill Herbs Garden from Homedit

China Tea Cup Mini Herb Garden from Homebnc

Vertical Herb Garden from Homebnc

Kitchen Shelf Herb Garden from Homebnc

Curtain Rod Hanging Herb Garden from Homebnc

Hanging Tin Herb Garden from Homebnc


For you who don’t have much time to maintain the plants, then succulent could be the best choice. It has low maintenance and has a high live possibility. When commonly people only know the potting succulent, then you’ll be amazed to know the unbelievable succulent planting ideas that we have below. Go check them out!

Mini Bar Succulent Garden from Sehatwae

Mosaic Wall Succulent Garden from Sehatwae

Unique Wood Succulent Garden from Sehatwae

Vertical Succulent Garden from Sehatwae

Metallic Geometric Planters from Indiagardening

DIY Succulent Fairy Garden from Indiagardening

Hanging Succulents from Indiagardening

Wooden Planter from Thegardenglove

Succulent Garden in a Bowl from Indiagardening

Sand Art Terrarium Garden from Morningchores

Smiling Succulents Planter from Morningchores

Succulent Bookends Garden from Morningchores

Framed Succulent Garden from Morningchores

Vintage Cheese Boxes Planter from Morningchores

Mini Glass Bowl Succulent Garden from Gardendiyideas

Wine Bottle Succulent Garden from Gardendiyideas

DIY Indoor Mini Rock Garden from Hungaricanjourney

Book Succulent Planter from Hungaricanjourney

Painted Pots Succulent Planter from Hungaricanjourney

Painted Jar Planter from Hungaricanjourney

DIY Embroidery Hoops Garden from Hungaricanjourney

Shadow Box Succulent Planter from Hungaricanjourney

DIY Teacups Planter from Countryliving

Egg Shells Succulent Indoor Garden from Countryliving

Wine Corks Succulent Planter from Countryliving

Topical Plants

Tropical plants are really exotic with their varied leaf shapes. You can meet its exoticism with the matching planter to make it even more adorable. Use natural material planter like wood, rattan, jute rope, etc. Not only by putting it on the floor, just like the other plants, you can also hang it or put it on the rack. find the references below.

Rattan Planter from Diyspins

DIY Wooden Pot Stand from Diyspins

Painted Rattan Pot from Realhomes

Wooden Pot Stand from Realhomes

DIY Wall Garden from Youhadmeatgardening

Hanging Tropical Plant Planter from Diyspins

DIY Hanging Planter from Diyspins

Snake Plant Indoor Garden from Bhg

Concrete Planter from Gardenbeast

Monstera Terrarium from Gardenbeast

DIY Wire Container from Tealnotes

Patterned Fabric Planter from Tealnotes

Ombre Planter from Tealnotes

Woven Planter from Tealnotes

Colorful Fabric Planter from Papernstitchblog

Hanging Indoor Tropical Plants from Papernstitchblog

Mini Woven Pot from Gardenerspath

Corn Plant from Designideasguide

Rattan Pot from Designideasguide

Concrete Planter from Designideasguide

Wicker Baskets Planter from Designideasguide

Hanging Tropical Plants from Designideasguide

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