A kitchen is a place where you will spend more hours to cook or bake. Designing a kitchen will not cost much as long as you choose to install DIY projects. The one who loves to cook will pay attention more to the kitchen decoration. Due to a comfy room will boost the owner’s mood. In this section, we will show you easy and affordable DIY ideas to upgrade the kitchen look that anyone can do. Check out further!

DIY Cup Holder

It will be nice to have this cup stand for your coffee station. It is made of a wooden log that smoothly shaped. Hang the cup in each stage so it will look like a cup tree. Take one cup whenever you need to make a coffee drink.

DIY Woven Rag Rug For Kitchen

The rug will add more texture in the kitchen with its unique pattern. Take the fabrics and sew them into a rope look like. Then, shape the fabric rope into a circular rug. To make this woven rag rug, you should be able to use a sewing machine.

DIY Brushstroke Glasses For Summer Party

Look at your glassware, does it need to upgrade? In summer, you will some glasses that ready to use for a summer party. Then, apply permanent vinyl to get brushstroke glasses. Feel free to customize the patterns as your desire.

DIY Copper Pipe Paper Towel Holder

Utilize a small space under the shelf for towel holder that can be made by hand. Take some copper pipe in various sizes. Then, shape arrange each of it into a holder shape. Then, hang the paper towel in it. So, you will easy to reach the paper towel anytime needed.

DIY Simple Herb Garden

Having an indoor garden with useful plants might be anyone’s dream. In this picture, the creator uses wooden pallets to make the shelves. Then, plant some herbs in pots and arrange them on the shelves. Put it near a window to get more natural light.

DIY Dyed Soup Spoons

Well, soup spoons are needed so much in winter. Using the old one from our store is not a problem. However, it will be nice to upgrade it looks. In this picture, a DIY lover change soup spoons appearance by adding a gold line using gold glass paint.

Painted Wooden Spoons

Makeover your wooden spoons by painting the handle in various colors. You need a wooden paint to spruce them up. Customize the colors and patterns as you wish.

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