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25 Indoor Garden Ideas For Newbie Gardeners In Small Spaces

Garden becomes something important for a home as we have to fulfill our needs in the fresh air, even with or without the existence of the yard. While there have been so many ideas of the outdoor garden, now let us talk about the indoor garden that is had by them who really loved the greenery till they add extra of it in their indoor home area. Whereas, it is also commonly had by those who live in an apartment where having a garden in a yard is completely impossible for them. Since the apartment generally has its small space, creating a proper garden by outsmarting your narrow spot into a pretty garden is quite important so that your occupancy won’t look over dominated with your plants and lose its wider impression of space.

To create an indoor garden, the very first thing to be considered is choosing the plants. You should find out the kinds of plant that is suitable enough to be placed indoor. Choose the plants that have a high possibility of life, like aloe vera which is an easy-care succulent that has distinctive elongated leaves that fan out in a vase shape from a central base. Anthurium flower blossoms is also worthy as it will make superb cut flowers because they last a long time. The next one will be peperomia which tolerates the low light of a north windowsill and can stays small enough to fit on a desk or to be used in a terrarium. Snake plant may will be the eaiest plants to grow as it can grow almost anywhere and can tolerates neglect but will responds nicely to good care. The second thing to be consideres when creating an indoor garden is the design. To save the space, you can grow it in pots that are arranged in a vertical rack and place the rack in your apartment empty corner. Beside for the saving space reason, it is also improving the use of the awkward empty unused space on its placement. You can look at the images below for the variations of the plants placement. Get inspired!

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Hanging Indoor Garden from decorholic

Go Vertical Rack Indoor Garden from googodecor

Wall Mounted Indoor Garden with Aquarium from hoomdecoration

Mini Glass Pots for Indoor Herb from barringtonnews

Hanging Pallet for Plastic Indoor Garden from 33decor

Indoor Water Glass Garden from decoor

Built-in Lighting for Indoor Garden from decorholic

Small Living Room with Indoor Garden from homyracks

Wooden Pallet with hanging Indoor Pots from 33decor

Indoor Ladders Garden from myamazingthings

Modern Indoor Garden with Triangle Pots from uutvdome

Indoor Succulent Plants from society19

Indoor Cactus Near Staircase from goodnewsarchitecture

Hanging Wooden Plants from domosedy

Wall Mounted Wire for Indoor Garden from wowhomy

Painting Pot for Indoor Garden from zyhomy

Standing Wooden Rack for Indoor Garden from cluedecor

Unique Pot Shape for Indoor Plants

Vertical Garden Near Window from homezideas

Indoor Vines Garden from beloveleey

Divider Indoor Garden from ifuun

White Rack shelf for Small Pots Plant from apartementdecor

Mini Indoor Garden with Floating Rack from apartmenttherapy

Hanging Terrarium Garden from apartmenttherapy

Indoor Vines and Herb Garden from apartmenttherapy

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