Do you love gardening? Are you looking to bring the outdoor gardens indoors? 

Terrarium plants are an excellent solution for those living in limited space and wish to see their home décor improved. 

Terrariums, often confused with jarrariums, are mini plant ecosystems growing in a jar. They are low maintenance and can easily fit on a tabletop. It goes without mentioning that these are the reasons why terrarium plants are taking the gardening world by storm. 

Some of these plants do well in open terrariums, while others can survive in a closed environment. This article will continue to tell you the essential things you must know about the latter. 

What are closed Terrarium Plants? 

In the recent past, terrarium plants have become the new trend for homeowners looking to surround themselves with greenery. The closed terrarium plants remain a perfect option because they have their mini climate; hence the closed environment acts in their favor.

They are best suited for small, slow-growing plants that love moisture and heat. As compared to open terrarium plants, these plants are a bit more complicated to maintain. But the truth is that they are worth the effort. They are enclosed hence act like tiny, self-sustaining gardens. 

Introducing these plants brings more life to your home. Therefore, if you are looking to upgrade your home décor, this is the way to go. It’s easier to build your closed terrarium using readily available glass vessels and tropical plants that do well in moisture and heat. 

However, you should know that at one time, the tropical plants will outgrow their containers. Therefore, you will need to transplant them. 

What are the best Closed Terrarium Plants? 

  • Peperomia (Peperomia Pellucida)

The peperomia genus plant is common among many homeowners looking to add some gardening to their homes. They are low-growing, compact plants that do well in humid conditions. If you choose this plant, you have the advantage of choosing between the green-leaved and those that are blushed with white or red. Going with all the variety can work well if you want to add more color to your home

There are thousands of pepperoni genus species to choose from.

  • Nerve Plants (Fittonia)

A touch of nerve plants in your home brings more life as they are colorful tropical plants. These tropical plants thrive well in warm temperatures, high humidity, and a touch of full shade. You can read more here about the light requirements, water, and their actual size. Their deep green leaves with red, pink, or white veins make these plants attractive to your visitors.

  • Moss

Mosses and closed terrariums in one sentence sound like a genius idea. Mosses are slow-growing plants that do well in moisture and low light. The fantastic thing about picking these plants is that they don’t take up much vertical space hence ideal for the closed glass jar you may have at your disposal. 

  • Ferns

Ferns, such as maidenhair fern and lemon button ferns, are common among homeowners who love gardening. These plants grow well in the warm, moist environment of a closed terrarium. You can as well consider them to add volume to your terrarium. 

  • Polka Dot Plant (Hypoestes Phyllostachya)

You can add more color to your terrarium by introducing a touch of delightful polka dot plant. These plants love moisture and warmth. They come with a purple, red, or white touch on their green leaves that make them extra attractive.

How to take good care of your Closed Terrarium

Although we suggested earlier that terrariums are low maintenance, some minor work will not harm. Some little care can keep your terrarium healthy and long-lasting. Some of the suggestions to keep your terrarium healthy include;

  • If you go for ferns, be sure to trim the leaves now and then to prevent overgrowing
  • Remove the brown and yellow leaves from the plants in the terrarium as this is a sign of pest or disease
  • Form a habit of removing the lid now and then to allow circulation of fresh air, which is suitable for the plant

Bringing terrarium plants into your house is a perfect idea for homeowners who enjoy gardening. The plants are best suited for those living in places with limited spaces. Closed terrarium plants thrive well as they don’t need much care as compared to the open ones. Mentioned in this article are the most important things you must know about plants of this nature. By reading through the blog, you will have an idea of what to do from the start. 

Happy gardening!


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