Living in a place where the light is low might not be the best thing for your mood. People often tend to be happy in bright and shiny places. Making sure your house looks bright, shiny, and glossy is important because it gives off positive vibes. However, sometimes it feels impossible to do that due to a number of reasons. It could be the house structure that doesn’t let in much natural light or there’s no room for windows or roof panels that let the light enter. If you’re struggling with a similar situation and want to make your home bright and shiny, here are a few tips to follow.

1. Choosing The Right Paint

Going with the right color palette is very important when it comes to making your house as bright as it could be. You need to select reflective colors to reflect as much light as possible so it spreads the light across the rooms of the house. Steer clear of any dark colors that absorb light. The worst color you can go with is black. The right shade of white can light up the dark rooms especially if they don’t have any windows.

2. Fix Lights Properly

The way you fix your lights is of the utmost importance when it comes to ensuring your house is as bright as it can be. The placement of lamps, bulbs, chandeliers and other lights are of major influence so it’s imperative they are placed and fixed at the right locations to ensure the light reaches everywhere. If you go now and check out the advantages of LED lights, you’ll know that they are the best option for brighter lighting that reaches everywhere. However, this comes as the second most important item. The first priority should be keeping the windows and roof panels at a spot where maximum light is allowed to enter.

3. Adding Mirrors to Decorations

If you can’t increase the light sources nor change their positions then it’s a good idea to use reflective surfaces such as mirrors. You can’t just place random mirrors across the area so it’s always a good idea to buy some fancy decor mirrors which can reflect light making your room more bright and shiny. It doesn’t mean you should go about randomly adding mirrors to your place but having a decor mirror is better than having no mirror when it comes to the lighting.

4. Replace Bulky Furniture

Replacing furniture may sound weird at first but it’s actually a great tip to brighten up your place. The bigger they are, the more light they stop. Bulky Furniture stops light and is one of the reasons for a darker room or house. Replace it with light and small furniture which doesn’t block the light and make sure the room is as bright as possible by minimizing hindrance for the light.

5. Metallic Decors

Metals are shiny and decorations made from metals usually reflect light. By doing so they give the place a glossy and shiny look. This enhances the brightness of the house and it’s easily done without increasing light sources. Metallic decors are not that expensive to buy and aren’t just shiny but also very appealing as they give off an aesthetic look to your home. Metals are great reflectors.

6. Use Shiny Surfaces to Your Advantage

There will be tons of shiny surfaces at your place. The trick will be to use them wisely. To do so you must know the proper placement of each shiny surface. Once they’re put in the perfect spot and light hits them, they reflect it and make the room a little brighter than it was before. Place them at strategic spots so you can use them to the maximum.

7. Open-Shelving

Open shelving may seem like a weird thing to hear at first but it’s actually really beneficial for making the place more bright. Just like bulky furniture, boxy cabinets also block the light and hinder it from reaching further into the room. This darkens some areas of the place and light isn’t evenly spread around. Open shelving is great because it lets light pass through which illuminates your entire place. Opting for open shelves is a good idea to ensure the brightness of your place doesn’t fade due to cabinets.

There are so many tips you can follow to ensure your home is as bright as it could be. If you’re struggling with brightening up your place, these tips are just the right ones for you. Following them will ensure that your home has a glossy, shiny, and bright look that will improve the lighting all over your house. The brighter the place the happier the people.


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