A lot of people do not think that purchasing a good mattress is a great deal, but actually, it is very important and for sure deserves some attention. Generally speaking, if you are opting for something that offers great quality, then you should set aside around 1,000 US dollars.

Having a top-notch mattress is crucial because that’s something that can significantly impact your life. How come? It’s because if you have a solid one, you’ll be able to relax and have a good night’s sleep.

And we all know how important it is to rest. That’s something that boosts our energy and helps us function normally throughout the day. So if you’re not sure what traits are the most important, pay attention to this guideline.

Things To Focus On When Buying A Mattress

The Size 

Just because you are acquiring a replacement mattress doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be the same size as the one you had. For instance, back in the day, you shared your king-sized bed with other members of your family.

In the meantime, some of them moved out or are simply bigger and they no longer need to share it with you. This means that you no longer need a bed of the same size, so feel free to downsize and purchase either a full-sized or queen-sized mattress.

In this type of situation, you have to analyze your current lifestyle to see what you really need. Of course, taking a smaller mattress means that you will have to obtain a brand-new bed frame, or if not, then at least a brand-new headboard.

Generally speaking, the size is something that you shouldn’t overlook. Mattress connoisseurs at https://puffy.com/blogs/best-sleep/mattress-size-and-dimensions-guide would love to remind you that the market offers various sizes that you can acquire. The most popular ones are California King, Queen, King, Twin, Twin XL, and Full.

Consult With Your Doctor

This is of huge importance, especially if you are experiencing neck or back pain. That’s why you should talk to your healthcare provider and see what he or she is going to recommend. Furthermore, your low back or neck are supposed to be in a neutral position while you are lying on your mattress.

This is crucial because it is going to help you achieve a solid spinal alignment. Even though doctors are not very informed when it comes to mattresses, they are surely familiar with your medical history and will know exactly what to suggest to you.

More Tips On How To Pick The Best Mattress


Another essential aspect when it comes to this is definitely comfort. In this case, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. Therefore, you have to ensure that you purchase a mattress only after previously testing out different ones.

You do not want to waste your money, only to later realize that you do not feel comfortable at all! Fortunately, a lot of shops allow their consumers to lie down to determine the comfort levels which is a great thing!


As it was previously mentioned, the price doesn’t always indicate the quality, hence, a lot of materials will eventually wear out. Unfortunately, some faster than the others, depending on how they are placed and formulated.

Generally speaking, latex is much more durable in comparison to poly foams, while tufting tends are able to put up with natural wear and generally tear longer in comparison to adhesives. The durability of coils highly depends on the gauge and the way they are attached to one another. 

Do You Want It To Be Firm?

The mattress industry actually doesn’t have any standard measurements when it comes to mattress firmness. What does it mean then? It means that when one company classifies its mattress as firm, the other one can classify it as extra firm.

This just goes to show that you cannot rely on these terms at all. That’s why it would be recommendable to try out the mattress before you purchase it. Now, a plethora of companies ranks the mattresses by firmness employing this simple description: soft, firm, medium.

On the other hand, you have manufacturers that use a much more detailed raging system. For example, three to five usually indicate that you are dealing with a soft mattress. Six or seven showcased that it’s medium, while seven point five to ten indicate that the mattress is firm.

Still, even with this type of ranking, it doesn’t mean that you will agree with their conclusions. It’s because what somebody ranks as five in a single mattress, may feel like seven for another individual. 

Furthermore, just because you are having a bad back, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily need an extra firm mattress, or that if you opt for a softer one that you are going to be way more comfortable. A majority of people feel best when they are utilizing a mattress that is somewhere between these two types. 

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

They are certainly one of the best indicators of quality, of course, if we are talking about real reviews, not fake ones. That’s why you should surely pay attention to them. Focus on the ones that are unbiased from people who have actually bought the mattress you want as well. Now, it doesn’t mean that you should read only the positive ones. Negatives are equally relevant.

The Price

As mentioned before, the price isn’t always an indication that something is either good or bad. Today, especially online, it is easy to stumble upon various tempting offers regarding mattress brands.

Do you think that these offers are worth your time and money? The answer is supposed to be no. Of course, there are always exceptions, but you can still never be too sure about it. That’s why you should be very careful during your shopping journey and make sure you’ve done a good research before purchasing anything.

Buying a mattress isn’t supposed to be too stressful. After all, you are purchasing something that is going to relax you and make you feel comfortable. However, if you do not want to regret anything, follow these tips to make the best possible decision.

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