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21 Nifty DIY Macrame Ideas for Any Creation

Macrame is such an interesting material and really loved for those who like to do the DIY project. It is because macrame can be made into some different creations from the accessories, ornament, to something that has functional value. The material of the macrame itself is also good that can’t be broken easily. It also served into so many different colors that you can choose the right one for you.

From all of the DIY macrame projects that are possible to be made, here we are going to talk about three projects that may commonly needed by people. The first project is the macrame key chain, macrame wall hanging for your decoration, and the last one is macrame bracelet.

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If you love Boho things or something handmade, you may love all of this creations.

Macrame Key Chain

Beautiful macrame key chain with macrame feather in love shape for bag or purse accessories
Boho macrame key chain with macrame feather in peach color for your personal key accessories
Creative macrame key chain with green jade gemstone accessories for your inspiratio
Simple gray macrame key chain is suitable for wedding souvenir gifts
Simple hand-made white and mint color macrame key chain looks unique for your bag
Simple macrame key chain with phunky purple satin cord
Unique macrame key chain with a round metal to add creations to the key chain

Image Source

Macrame Wall Hanging

Boho macrame wall hanging with fake plants decoration to be more looks fresh
Macrame wall hanging with long wood to hang a macrame to look simple
Unique round macrame dream catcher to beautify your room

Image Source

A creative wooden hook for hat and to hang a white macrame wall hanging you can try
Handmade white macrame on the wall in the living room to create a boho atmosphere
White iron round on the wall for macrame wall hanging holder with fiber art for wall decoration
Macrame wall hanging with piece of wood as a holder to create a natural impression in your room

Image Source

Macrame Bracelet

Simple yet beautiful macrame bracelet combined with gold jewelry for creative accessory on your wrist
Creative and colorful macrame bracelet with a chevron pattern to beautify your wrist
DIY Two-Tone Friendship Macrame Bracelet with a good combination colour for beautiful look
Kumihimo pattern for macrame bracelet idea is suitable for your wrist
A glamour macrame bracelet with beads decoration for your hand jewelry
Simple macrame bracelet with a little bit of bead decoration to create a simple yet beauty look of wrist
A unique macrame bracelet combined with colorful metallic beads for your attractive look

Image Source

In making your DIY macrame projects, don’t forget to use other materials like beads, natural stone, wood, or chain. Those additional materials will complete your macrame just based on the craft that you make. Some of those will add the functional value, some others will add beauty into your macrame projects. For the application, you can check out from our references above.

For the wall hanging macrame, the use of the beads maybe really limited or even not use the beads at all. However, back to the DIY principle that you create something that you really love based on your own taste and imagination, so that if you want to add the beads for your wall hanging then it will always be ok!

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Now just prepare for your DIY macrame projects and get the unique Boho things.
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