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15 DIY Headwrap Ideas for Your Perfect Outing

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Most people do not really style their head part because they do not think about putting an effort to style it. With head wrap, you can style your head and go as unique and creative as you want. Try these DIY head wrap ideas to match the perfect weather so you can go all out with your style and perfect your outing day.

1. Turban Style

Turban is known as Middle East type of head wear based on cloth winding, and there are a lot of variations of it. You can try any style of turban to match your clothes. Since it covers hair, turban is suitable for both men and women as well as those who usually wear headscarf. It also matches any occasions—both formal and informal. 

Top knot head wrap. Wrap your scarf from the back of your head to the front and hold the two ends together. Twist the fabric and swirl it as you would for a bun, and secure with pins.
The pony tie. Place the centre of the scarf on your head as far forward or back as you prefer and hold the two ends at the back. Wrap one end over the other until it’s a small piece that you can hold with an elastic or tie with a hairpin. Let it hang.
This look keeps all your hair out of your neck and off your face. Simple earrings and a bold lip colour keep the focus firmly on your statement headwear.

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Chic look by wearing this head wrap. This orange color are match with earring also the end line of shirt in neck. By the way, it’s stunning in yours.

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2. Braided Headwrap

You might need a longer and bigger head wrap in order to create a braid. It goes well with any patterned or even plain turban. Either let the braid down or wrap your head with the braid, it is up to you. You can also match this DIY head wrap style with hoop or dangle earrings to make your style even chicer. Rock your outing day with this Elsa-look head wrap style.

Braided head wrap for your long hair accessories. For unique look also keeping you stylish one by wearing this braided headwrap.

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Two combination of braided head wrap and head wrap that covering the head. It’s good idea to wearing this on your head, especially for you who like stylish-look.

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Pink braided headband, look so simple but make your head pretty-look. By this accessories that is simple and easy to made.

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Green is a natural color, like this braided headwrap. If you like an natural idea, keep it to wearing this green braided headwrap.

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3. Jack Sparrow Headwrap

Not only it goes well with your chic style, but this pirate-like head wrap can also cover your sweaty temple conveniently. You can choose either fully covering your entire head or folding it as a headband around your forehead. Like the turban style, it is suitable for both men and women. Try this headwrap style to make you look effortlessly chic and cool.

Do you like jack sparrow character ? if so, it’s perfect idea to mimic the style into your fashionable one. As a result is you seem look like jack sparrow, too.

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Blue head wrap with jack sparrow-style.

For little different idea to imitate the head wrap-style of jack sparrow. So, that is perfect to change the color of headwrap into blue one.

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Combined it with pirates-cap. For another idea to mimic the jack sparrow head wrap, then wearing double layer in your head with pirates-cap over the head wrap.

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4. Sophisticated Big Bow 

This might be the easiest DIY idea you can try. All you need to do is to cover your head first from the back of your neck, and then tie a knot on your forehead to make your bow. You can tie it either at the center or the side of your forehead. It goes really well with any hairstyle. Match it with a strong makeup to make you look fierce and elegant, but also chic at the same time.
Going all out on your outing day is never a bad choice. Since head wrap is the new trendy, you can explore more DIY head wrap style to rock your day.

Sophisticated big bow that is have two colored. Such as red and light green, it’s perfect combination for your head wrap.

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Banded bow. Fold your scarf over twice to form a broad strip. With the centre of the strip at the back of your head, tie a knot in front then tie a bow.

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Brown as a neutral color, applied to your big bow head wrap. Awesome idea to make your outfit completely amazing.

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Stunning accessories by wearing simple head wrap. Like this one, the big bow head wrap look so contrast with plaid orange color domination. You should try this one, too.

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