While The New Year brings a ton of new workload, you couldn’t help but to wish on celebrating the enchanting spirit spring brings. When it comes to enlightening the mood, no one could do it better than flowers, especially a beautiful wreath of it.

However, in decorating a room, you have to be mindful of keeping the sense of professionalism it radiates. Thus, consider installing a simple spring wreath with minimal grand ornaments.

Don’t know where to start? Here are five DIY spring wreath ideas to make spring in the room more welcoming!

1. Fresh Spring Grass Wreath

Who would’ve thought that a stack of spring grass would make an excellent DIY spring wreath? Requiring minimum effort to craft it, this spring wreath is just perfect for a refreshing look in the room.

Herb Wreath. If you grow herbs in your room, you know how difficult it can be to use them all up. Try using leftover herbs in a living wreath. Rosemary, bay, thyme, and sage would work great in this wreath project in your room.
Eucalyptus wreath idea to decorate your room. You won’t need a candle to add a pleasant aroma to a room when you have this wreath. Made from eucalyptus, it will bring a fresh scent to any room.
Clip-and-snip wreath. Just take a walk in your backyard or through the woods to collect items for this simple clip-and-snip holiday wreath. Just use a colorful ribbon to tie it all together then give it to decorate.

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2. Rustic Minimalist Spring Wreath

A little bit of rustic, a little bit of chic, this rustic spring wreath is great if you don’t want to take a lot of space in the room. Simply find a wooden hoop and attach various flowers and leaves to make your dream spring wreath.

Acorn Wreath. This wreath uses acorns, pine cones, and dog nose. This wreath would transition well from fall into winter. Best of all this wreath has rustic-feel for your room decoration.
Coastal Wreath for room decoration ideas. This coastal-inspired wreath uses shells and starfish attached to a prairie grass. This design would be perfect for those with beach-themed decors.
Grapevine Wreath. This grapevine wreath is decorated with live plants and decorative moss. When hanging a living wreath, be sure to consider sunlight, as too much sunlight can be harmful to the plants.

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3. Elegant Butterfly Spring Wreath

Attracting beautiful four-winged creatures, install this dogwood spring wreath in your room and watch how it instantly fills up the vacant room with joy. Additionally, add attractive butterfly clips for an extra touch and signature.

Spring butterfly wreath with green plant. This might be an awesome decoration for your room to make a greenish-look. Not only that but also the butterfly gave a signature sign.

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Irish Laddies and Lassies Moss Wreath. This wreath is perfect for your room. Large volumes of mossy details cover this piece, with beautiful white butterflies showing how soft and safe it is. The whole thing is tied together with a checkerboard wire bow made from pale, Irish green wire.

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Pretty book page butterfly spring wreath, life really is a party!. Then with this simple and cheapest craft that is you can do to decorate the room. Best of all is you will get pay attention to this.

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4. Cupcake Papers Spring Wreath

Finding a stack of unused cupcake wrappers in your home? You’ll be surprised that cupcake papers can be a great craft material. This spring wreath uses colorful cupcake papers for the base, then combines it with ribbons from the craft store, resulting in a unique DIY spring wreath.

Flowery cupcake wreath to decorate your home. Awesome to look with this creative craft from cupcake papers. Not only budget-friendly but also giving an extra wonderful decoration.

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Rainbow cupcake spring wreath idea. It’s must be an awesome ornament to be your door decoration. As a result, it looks stunning in the room with this simple craft.

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Polka-dot red and white color cupcake papers wreath. This actually unused material but in this case, you can turn into the best wreath. For decorating your room with this cupcake papers wreath, too.

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5. Multi-Hues Succulent Wreath

Despite its nature, succulent could be transformed into an attractive spring wreath. Arrange an assortment of green, purple, and yellow into a moss hoop and install it on the communal the room space.

Beautiful succulent wreath. This living wreath uses a variety of succulents. It’s varying colors and textures would make it a stunning addition to your room’s entryway.
Wood and succulent wreath. This living wreath using succulents and leaves much of the wood wreath exposed. Add a wooden letter for a personalized touch. This will be a perfect decoration.

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Standout succulents on a burlap-wrapped wreath that is suitable for decoration. Succulents are on trend right now, and this spring wreath makes good use of the faux variety. Wrap a wreath form burlap ribbon. Add a darker color burlap ribbon to the lower third then add a succulent on it.

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Spring is the most beautiful season in the year, and you—of all people—should not miss the celebration. While your home doesn’t let you do much for spring decoration, you can always get tricky with these DIY spring wreath ideas.

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