Add a fresh touch to your bathroom decor with a DIY bathroom mat. It is easy to make even if you are a DIY newbie. Furthermore, the materials used are easy to find in the nearest store. If you don’t want to spend any money at all, just take your old fabric. In this article, we are going to show DIY bathroom mats that you can copy this winter. This mat will be so functional and improve your bathroom decor.

DIY Cute And Soft Pompom Rug

To get this pompom rug, of course, you need to make the pompom firstly. It is made of long yarn that is tight and cut. This simple tutorial may need not more energy but you will spend more time. So, make sure that you have to make a schedule to make a pompom rug this weekend.

Cool Woven Ocean Plait Rug

Cool woven ocean plait rug

We love the shape of this cool woven ocean plait rug. Feel free to customize the color as you like. The woven style is inspired by an ocean. With this mat in the bathroom, we will remember the warm atmosphere of a beach. How cool this bathroom mat is!

Sophisticated DIY Woven Bathroom Mat

If you love a modern mat for your bathroom decor, this mat will make you interested. Prepare two yarns with different colors. Then, make this bathroom mat as creative as you can. Read the tutorial carefully from the link above. It looks so awesome for a minimalist bathroom decoration as well.

With a Towel And Some Fabric

Combine a towel and some fabrics will create such a great bathroom mat design like this. However, you need to use a sewing machine to unite the towel and usual fabric. Choose the best pattern that will work well with your bathroom decor. Then, sew it carefully.

DIY Pineapple-Shaped Bathroom Mat

It will be nice to install a tropical feeling into your bathroom. This DIY pineapple-shaped bathroom mat shows us that it looks so pretty and warm. Cut a green towel as the pineapple head. Then, cut another yellow towel as the pineapple body. Then, combine those two towels to get this cute bathroom mat.

DIY Old T-Shirts Bathroom Mat

Don’t throw away your old t-shirts in the recycle bin. It can be repurposed as a new thing that more functional. You only have to be able to tie a knot to get this bathroom mat.

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