Add a fresh touch to your bathroom decor with a DIY bathroom mat. It is easy to make even if you are a DIY newbie. Furthermore, the materials used are easy to find in the nearest store. If you don’t want to spend any money at all, just take your old fabric. In this article, we are going to show DIY bathroom mats that you can copy this winter. This mat will be so functional and improve your bathroom decor.

DIY Cute And Soft Pompom Mat

This bathroom mat is made using gray pom poms so it works well to absorb the water on your feet. Having a small size and a circle shape, this mat looks adorable. Grey Pom Pom Mat from @jomicaly.

This DIY mat is made using a combination of pink and purple pom poms so it will look beautiful. In addition, this pom pom mat is perfect for bathrooms because it can absorb water well. Pink and Purple Pom Pom Mat from @jomicaly.

Instead of buying it at the store, this bathroom is made with a DIY project so it’s more creative. Having a colorful theme will make it work for a very creative look. Colorful Pom Pom Mat from @angelscatie.

Cool Woven Rope Mat

This woven mat is made using rope so it will present a quite creative appearance. Having a square shape makes it look simple but still works well as a bathroom mat. Brown Rope Mat from @paracordandwhatknot.

You can use rope to make a bathroom mat so it will look different than usual. Having a small size and a circular shape, this door mat manages to steal the show. Round Rope Mat from @alcosinus.

Sophisticated DIY Woven Bathroom Mat

This bathroom mat is made using patchwork material so it looks attractive. The color combination that is produced on this bathroom mat manages to present a very festive look. Colorful Woven Mat from @tigercat_designs.

This bathroom is equipped with a DIY Woven mat made using fabric. Having a purple and gold color combination will make it look very beautiful and manage to steal the show. Purple and Gold Woven Mat from @crazycrafters_yt.

This mat will be the right choice for the bathroom. Made using fabric, it can work well to absorb excess water on the feet. Having a combination of several colors, makes it look very festive. Round Woven Mat from @stylestatementbybhawna.

With a Towel Mat

This rustic bathroom mat was made with a DIY project using old towels so it works well as a doormat. The combination of blue and white will make this bathroom mat look perfect in winter. Blue and White Towel Mat from @buzzfeednifty.

This white mat is made using an old towel so it is perfect for absorbing excess water. This bathroom is sewn on the edges so it is more durable and not easily damaged. White Towel from @zerowaste_minimalist.

Old towels are used to make bathroom mats so they look perfect. Having a square shape and gray color will make it suitable for any style of bathroom decoration. Grey Towel Mat from @ourbeautifulnewbuild.

DIY Wine Cork Bathroom Mat

This wine cork is arranged into a bathroom mat so that it will present a unique and attractive appearance. Having a square shape will make it look simple and suitable for bathroom decoration. Square Mat from @alternatedecision.

This bathroom mat is made using wine cork so it is water resistant and suitable for bathroom decoration. This wine cork mat is made by attaching it using glue to make it easier. Wine Cork Bathroom Mat from @beebeching.

DIY Old T-Shirts Bathroom Mat

Don’t throw your old t-shirts in the recycling bin. Here you can use it to make a bathroom mat so that it is more useful. It has a pink theme, making this bathroom mat very pretty. Pink Old T-shirt Mat from @beautiquejade.

Made using an old t-shirt, this bathroom mat can work optimally to dry your feet. Having a colorful theme will make it have its own charm and succeed in inspiring.  Colorful Old T-shirt Mat from @sewing_addict.


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