Of course, you will feel cold in winter, so you need something to keep you comfortable in enjoying the winter and keep you feel warm in cool weather. Thus, here are the projects to keep you productive and active to solve your problem of cold in winter. All the ideas are Keep Your Days Warm And Cozy With Incredible Winter Sewing Projects.

Baby Quilt With Knots

Here is the smart choice to try your first quilting-project. The warm side of this baby quilt with knots is ideal for the winter months. The tassel-like here ties hold the quilt together in lieu of stitches and add a homespun charm. The materials you need are fabric, batting, iron, ironing board, quilting safety pins, embroidery floss, fabric scissors, hand sewing needle, tailor’s chalk, sewing machine, and sewing supplies.

Felt Slippers

Felt slippers Keep Your Days Warm And Cozy With Incredible Winter Sewing Projects

These felt slippers need wool felt, scissors, chalk pen, pencil, thread, and sewing kit. These will be so useful to be part of your winter essential. To keep Your babby feet feel warm.

Winter Candle Box

This winter candle box is a smart role as a container to hold all the candles in winter. The materials needed are a sewing machine, cotton fabric, matching thread, heavyweight fusible stabilizer, rotary cutter, and ruler.

Winter Snowflake Pillow

This winter snowflake pillow will turn your season’s frost into a warm touch for your home. The supplies you need will be squares of wool felt, yards pom-pom trim, white buttons in assorted sizes, tear-away stabilizer, white thread, chalk marker, gridded quilters ruler, wing needle, square pillow form, hand-sewing needle, sewing machine, all-purpose foot, button sewing foot, and zipper foot.

DIY Blanket Scarf

This blanket scarf is ready to keep you warm when you go for walk. Besides, it is also a trendy accessory that great companion for all seasons. The materials you need are 3 yards of flannel plaid fabric, wood blend thread, topstitch needle, seam ripper to fray, scissors, your sewing machine, embroidery foot with a clear sole.

Denim Storage Bin

It is close to the new year so you need something new. This is a new project to tackle this season. This will help you sew a storage bin for crafts supplies and anything else that needs a tidy home. The supplies you need are contrasting denim, a sewing machine, sewing supplies, and tailor’s chalk.

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