Are you looking for DIY projects that still work well after Holiday? You should try to make terrariums to improve your winter decoration. Whether you want to make real terrariums or faux ones, it will be nice to add to your home decor. Get a cozy winter ambiance by having these simple projects that are easy to make and budget-friendly. Let us check out our winter terrariums ideas further below to inspire you!

DIY All-Living Winter-Inspired Terrarium

It is such a great idea to add all-living plants inside. The best way is that by making a terrarium with glasses. To create a great winter feel, add snow. Make this centerpiece to beautify your dining room is nice. So, what are you waiting for? Just take more plants outside.

With Living Moss And Bottlebrush Trees

With living moss and bottlebrush trees

Imagine there is a tiny garden in your room. Yes, it is called a terrarium. The owner of this house adds a simple terrarium with living moss. Further, it looks so awesome with bottlebrush trees. We believe it will be finished in less than an hour.

Glam Winter Terrariums

What pretty winter terrariums! The gold lines add a touch of glam to your decor instantly. There are bottlebrush trees with snow and faux moss inside a glass that appears so eye-catching. Put some terrariums in the living room to spruce up the decoration.

Winter Terrarium With Faux Snow

With a simple terrarium, you will gain different room decor. This terrarium appears so fabulous with faux snow and faux berries. Furthermore, faux snow completes with its winter feel. Create this terrarium will only need minutes to finish.

Easy And Fast Winter Terrarium

For a busy person who wishes to make a DIY winter terrarium, he or she can copy this idea. Take a mason jar, glass bottle, or any glass. Then, fill it with faux snow and glittered pinecones. This super easy project is easy to make even in minutes.

Natural Winter Terrarium With Moss

Take a large bowl to make this natural winter terrarium. You may use real moss or the faux one to fill the bowl. Then, add pinecones and faux mushroom too. Feel free to add other accessories that show more winter feel.

All-Faux Winter Terrarium With Lights

All-faux winter terrarium with lights

Are you looking for a Christmas ornament to make? This terrarium is made for Christmas Day that appears so festive with lights. Put this near a Christmas tree to complete its Holiday decor.

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