You don’t have to buy a new coat to look stylish in winter. If you have some old coats that are wearable, it will be nice to add some touches to them. Hack your coat with your personal work will spruce it up to make it look new. Furthermore, you don’t have to be an expert to hack your coat. In this article, we have gathered winter coat hacks that will inspire you. You can apply the ideas for your own coat as well.

Add A New Belt to Your Old Coat

You can just buy a belt and attach it to your old coat. Or, simply sew it to a coat that isn’t belted. This easy peasy project can be finished in minutes. Get a matching belt with your cold in the nearest store or anywhere you know.

Attach Some Laces to The Cold

Adding lace to the bottom and sleeves of your coat will refresh its look. Furthermore, the lace will give a bit of a feminine tone. Lace will work very well for a denim coat. For a longer coat, you can add lace to the collar. How do you think?

Change Your Old Coat Buttons

This is a super cheap way to hack your old coat. Might some buttons fall down or even be broken. But, you can change them with new buttons to refresh the look. Feel free to choose any button shapes and colors as you like and attach them to your old coat by sewing them one by one.

Add A New Fur Trim to Your Old Coat

Adding fur to an old coat will make it appear more eye-catching. Make sure that you choose the matching fur color with your coat. Then, attach the fur by sewing it to the bottom and or the sleeves. Your new coat is ready to wear.

Make a New Collar For Your Coat

Your old leather jacket will look more eye-catching with a new collar. Simply just attach faux fur to the collar. Feel free to choose any color you like. And see how this little addition changes your old leather jacket look. Awesome right?

Add Contrasting Panels to Your Old Jacket

Hack your long coat by adding lines in some parts. In this picture, we see the woman adds black panels on the sleeves’ side till the bottom. This little addition dramatically changes your old coat to look brand new. Feel free to mix other colors for your jacket.

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