Refashion your winter coat is always be excited. Your quality of winter fashion style will also be updated. If you are stuck on the ideas of how to update your old coat, here we show you DIY Splendid Ideas To Refashion Your Old Winter Coats This Season.

Add New Belt

If your old coat is not belted, then adding a new belt will change how it looks this winter. Adding a new belt is an easy way to do because of no need for sewing ability. Here, you can buy a wide leather belt and complete with belt loops. Thus, your coat will look new and comfortable for winter as an updated coat.

Add Some Lace Trim

Add some lace trim DIY Splendid Ideas To Refashion Your zold Winter Coats This Season

Adding some lace trim is successfully giving your old coat a fresh new and feminine look. Lace will be so beautiful on denim while it also looks great for any other fabric. Besides, if you have an old denim jacket, you can update the look with lace trim to the bottom and sleeves. Moreover, you can also add lace to longer coats around the collar or cuffs to create an updated look.

Change The Buttons

By only changing the buttons of your coat, it will create a new look. You freely change your coat look by adding new buttons, more interesting buttons, or even cheaper buttons. Thus, this idea becomes one of the least inexpensive ways to get a new coat from an old one. After that, sewing buttons are definitely easy projects. The complete supplies you need are a coat, scissors, a seam ripper, a needle for sewing, buttons, strong thread for sewing, and pins.

Add A New Collar

A shearling collar is pretty to add a new look to your old coat. The materials you need are shearling fabric, clip-on earring backs, pins, needles, thread, glue, scissors, a large piece of paper, and a pencil. It is good to add a new look to your old leather jackets or denim jackets to keep you warm this winter.

Add A Corset Back

This is one of the wonderful ways to give an updated touch to your old coat, namely adding a corset back. The materials you need are a jacket, ribbon, d-rings or lace, safety pins, and string.

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