Ups… your mirror has broken. Do you want to throw those pieces away? Why don’t you try to make something amazing? Broken mirrors can not be repaired. However, we can use them to create wonderful crafts. Furthermore, we don’t need to spend a lot of money to make broken mirror crafts. In this article, we have collected ideas to upcycle broken mirrors. Most of them are easy to make. Check out our lists below to get inspired.

DIY Upcycled Glass Medallion Mirror

Diy upcycled glass medallion mirror


First of all, buy ceiling medallions at thrift stores. Take the broken mirror that you have saved before. Then, put it at the center of the ceiling medallion. Put this mind-blowing medallion mirror in the living room or room you want. Isn’t it wonderful?

DIY Mosaic Mirror Fence

What if your mirror breaks up into small pieces? Don’t be worry! Those things can be used for making an amazing fence. Wonderful. The mirrors that are arranged well create pretty art on the fence wall. It seems like we can see through the fence.

Beautiful Piece Of Garden Art

An old mirror in the garden will give a stunning look. Add your message by distressing or staining the words on the mirror surface. Then, put this in your garden. Feel free to paint it or not. This way will give a rustic touch to the garden.

Snazzy Gazing Ball

What an amazing craft is this! You can get a bowing ball for about $1.00 from a garage sale. Don’t forget to set it on a piece of waffled foam padding to make it stable. Then, glue the mirrors on the mirror and foam padding surface one by one. Let it dry for about a day.

DIY Upcycled Broken Mirror Tabletop

Use pieces of glass mirror to fill a tabletop. First of all, you need to apply glue to the tabletop. After that, lay the pieces of mirror on the tabletop in a mosaic fashion. Choose different size glass to create a more artistic tabletop. Let it dry for a day. And, you get a piece of new furniture for your living room.

DIY Cool Broken Mirror Dresser

Your dresser has seen its best look for years. What about upgrading the drawers to get a new look. One of the easiest and cheapest ways is that using mirror glass pieces. Just apply glue to the drawer and add glass pieces to it. Then, let it dry. What do you think?

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