After a grueling day at work, what’s the last thing in your mind? of course is to go home and hit the bed. We all want a comfortable bed to enjoy a relaxing time. The starting point of each bedroom is a good bed. Not only do you need something that makes you enjoy a peaceful sleep in warmth and comfort, but because the bed functions as the focal point of the room, you need something that looks really good too.

Platform Bed With Storage

Source : Lowe’s

The bed is a regular platform bed with storage space under it where you can place your magazines and books. Just build the storage separately and attach to the top frame of the platform bed. That’s it! You got yourself a new platform bed with storage.

Platform Bed With Wheels

Source : Shanty 2 Chic

Do you find it difficult to shift your bed while rearranging the furniture or when cleaning? That’s the reason the platform bed on wheels is here. Now you can have a bed like a car. It is a simple platform bed but with wheels attached to it so you can easily move it.

Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed

If you are a bit of an antique freak, then you must have a thing for aged wood too. Usually, these beds are custom made and thus very expensive at times. But don’t worry; you can build it on your own once you get the wood you want to construct it with.

Floating Bed

Source : Imgur

This platform bed uses such as clever design that it really looks as if the bed is hovering. Very futuristic! The indented platform is not visible when looking at it from a regular standing up position, and the lights underneath really just add to the drama.

Platform Bed With Drawers

Source : Instructables

This design puts the storage in the most stylish way possible. You won’t even realize there are drawers at the foot and sides of your bed unless you open them.

Pipe Bed Frame

Who would have thought that pipes and pipe fittings could be put together in such a way to create this stunning bed frame? This modern industrial look bed it’s just so different. If you get your pipes cut ahead of time then you won’t even need a full day to assemble it.

Chevron Wood Bed

Learn how to build a DIY West Elm-inspired chevron bed. The chevron pattern gives a unique accent to this bed. Pattern that mounted on the headboard can also be a focal point in your bedroom.

Reclaimed Wood Bed

Recycle your old wood and build a bed. This bed even has a self made headboard. You can make any pattern on your headboard.

Simple Mid Century Bed

Mid-century modern beds have a sleek minimal look and unfortunately a hefty price tag. Luckily, the look is somewhat easy to pull off on your own. A little planning, some serious measuring and cutting, and four hairpin legs later and you’ll be mid-century dreaming for a third of the price.

Simple Bed Frame

Try this simple DIY for a minimal bed frame. This simple design is easy to make and also suitable for use in rooms with minimalist style. You can paint the wood with stain, white paint or leave it just like that.

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