If you do not have a green thumb, then succulents may just be the plant for you. No wonder succulents have become a popular choice of plants for a while because they can grow even without complicated care. In addition, the succulents look stunningly planted alone or accommodated in such a way that deserves to be split into part of your room decor.

Old Frame

Source : Youngs Garden Shop

Living frames are a great way to get your plants off the ground and grow them vertically. They let you highlight your plants as an ever-changing work of art in the same way that you would display a picture framed inside your house.

Ombre Planter

Ombre shades are really popular when it comes to crafty projects so here is a mason jar painted in blue ombre hues and it looks gorgeous to the core. Use this cute planter to house the small and cute succulents and enhance the decor and beauty of any home section with it or you make it as a gift.

Dinosaur Planter

Picking up some fun looking animals with hollow bodies you can easily fill them with soil and tiny little succulents and with a spray coating you can give it a more enhanced and fun look that is perfect to go as a gift or kids’ room decoration.

Corks Planter

Source : Upcycle That

Finally, the perfect excuse to drink more wine! Hold onto those corks—these mini, magnetic planters are almost too easy to make. The one of kind idea is really sweet and cool and comes with double functional roles. Firstly you can house you succulents in the corks and secondly you can use them as the cute and pretty fridge magnets.

Tea Cup Planter

Give new life to mismatched, antique dinnerware. It’s easy to arrange a chic display with these elegant containers.

Old Book Planter

Converting an unusual object into a planter is a great way to show off succulents. Turn an old book into a sassy succulent planter. Give a new life to your old books by planting a succulent between their pages.

Initial Wreath

For a personalized take on succulent gardening, try creating planters in the shape of your initials and filling them with an array of mini succulents. For a more ambitious version of this project, build multiple planters to spell out a word or name.

Fake flower wreaths are so yesterday. Create a stunning living wreath of succulents by lining a wreath frame and packing it full of soil to make a hospitable bed for planting succulents.

Berry Basket Planter

Don’t throw out those berry baskets! Here is the cute and gorgeous tiny succulent garden created in a plastic basket for the fun and colorful decor on the tables when the spring arrives.

Succulent Garden

This is a smart way to bring your garden into the house. with a large container to accommodate a variety of succulents, you can make a variation of succulent garden. This will be a beautiful decoration for your room

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