Having everything at home organized well is an important things to do. Instead of making you feel easy to find something, organizing your stuff in a good storage will make it as your decoration, too. Now check out these DIYs that will make you want to display your jewelry as soon as possible. From playful trinket dishes to minimalist earring stands, it’s all in here.

1. DIY Cookie Cutter Jewelry Trays

To make a really easy jewelry tray, you need a cookie cutter, sculpey, rolling pin, acrylic paint, so you can customize and personalize yours and make it any shape you want! The way you store your jewelry is about to get a whole lot cuter!

2. DIY BFF Ring Dishes

This cute ring dishes is made from polymer clay, parchment paper, rolling pin, toothpick, x-acto knife, letter stamps, paint and the paint brush and sandpaper.

3. DIY Hanging Jewelry Holder


The great thing about this jewelry holder is that it can also become a statement piece to your wall space.

4. DIY Copper and Marble Jewelry Stand

Make a case for minimalist living with this copper and marble jewelry stand that will look right at your home.

5. DIY Cactus Jewelry Holder

To make this cute jewelry holder, all you need is some imagination, self-hardening clay and paint.

6. DIY Earring Stand

If you love minimalist, this project is perfect for you. This DIY earring stand constructed from unfinished wood will have you channeling an Urban Outfitters vibe in no time

7. DIY Kate Spade Shine Bright Jewelry Tray

Shine bright like a diamond with this DIY Kate Spade New York-inspired jewelry tray that would look oh-so-pretty perched on your vanity

8. DIY Jewelry Box


Just upcycle your old wooden box with some acrylic paint and a fancy-schamancy knob and this gorgeous jewelry box is ready to keep your jewelry collection.

9. DIY Jewelry Display

Use an old picture frame and antique knobs to create this rustic-chic jewelry display.

10. DIY Brass Earring Pyramid

This project is so simple. Make this ultimate earring pyramid from brass tubes and display them on your bookshelf.

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