Skip the professional decorator and whip up your own do-it-yourself decor instead. Only with a few supplies, these 10 tiny DIY decor ideas will spruce up your home in no time.

1. Tiny Gold People

Prepare figurines and blocks and spray paint them in gold, and this tiny gold people is ready for your coffee table.

2. DIY Mini Copper Bud Vases

Plug your little copper bud vases and fill them with fresh flowers and these cute vases will add some life to your home. And this project will also make your space look chic.

3.  Mini Desk Marquee Lights DIY


This mini desk lights is the coolest way to add a statement light without going with a full-on table lamp. This project is something that can be good on your desk, or even on a shelf.

4.  DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Planter

Decorate your plain clay planter with a string of fun tassels made from a tissue paper.

5.  DIY Tiny Neon Pots

Brighten up your space with greenery that placed on a neon and gold planter to spruce up your desk or even your coffee table.

6.  DIY Crochet Cactus

This colorful desert-inspired design will brighten up your entry table or bedroom dresser in a whimsical way.

7.  DIY Zen Garden

Make this cute mini zen garden; accessories your garden with some miniature accents that you can found in art store.

8. DIY Cone Ring Holders


Create this unique vanity space for your ring that is also great as your table decoration.

9.  DIY Gold-Dipped Feather Garland

This project is made of soft tiny feathers, gold paint and string and this extra ordinary project will grab everyone’s attention.

10. Tiny Crochet Flowers DIY

These mini crochet flowers are an excellent way to add a spring look to your home. Just spread the cuteness by giving a handful away as a party favor at your next get-together.

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