Want a unique element to your backyard? Opt for a fountain and you can enjoy the soothing sound of water movement all year round. Water fountain in the garden are beautiful as well as calming and relaxing. They will provide a comfortable and natural element to your home and can transform the ambiance of your garden by placing it in the right place.

1. Stone Fountain

Source : Instructables

This stacked stone water fountain really appealing because of the simplistic design and natural elements. It’s almost shocking to think that simply stacking some stones on top of each other can make such an impact. This DIY might take you a couple of days to finish, but the finished product will be worth the effort.

2. Solar Fountain

Source : Flea Market Gardening

Present a rural atmosphere with this fountain. Stack a few galvanized buckets and watering cans. The stacked buckets can also used as horizontal flower pots.

3. Tiered Water Fountain

This DIY fountain was so simple to build and serves as the main focal point in our front courtyard. With 3 different pot sizes, this fountain brings a freshness to your backyard.

4. Tea Pot Fountain

Source : Hometalk

Add a piece of DIY decor to your garden or backyard with this fountain made from an iron tea pot and an old whiskey barrel.

5. Bamboo Fountain

Source : Saf Affect

This bamboo fountain can add little bit of zen to your backyard or porch. Despite the serenity, it is always good to have something a little more elegant to amplify the sound of the traffic-noise abating, trickling water. You can replace the cement pot with a porcelain bowl.

6. Blue Planters Waterfall

Let your fountain add a pop of color to your garden! This royal blue waterfall was crafted with three giant planter pots.

7. Simple Urn Fountain

Source : BHG

The sound of babbling water from this recirculating fountain will instantly create a more relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor space. This urn fountain would look and sound good in the front or back garden. It’s a wonderful way to greet guests near the front door.

8. Three Tiered Garden Fountain

Source : Instructables

Create an expensive fountain effect for your garden at a cheaper cost by making one of the parts found in a thrift store. This elegant fountain can be the focal point of your backyard.

9. Wheelbarrow Fountain

An old wheelbarrow is like an old friend-it’s been by your side through years of hard labor, but after years of companionship it does not work as well as it used to. Do not toss out told barrow, recycle them into a charmingly rustic garden fountain.

10. Watering Jug

This cool-looking fountain made from recycled watering cans and a wash bin is the perfect addition to a country garden.

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