Concrete is not just for the infrastructure and base of certain buildings.It is a very versatile material, easy to work with and incredibly durable, you can use concrete in a variety of DIY projects including home improvement. Concrete has many advantages. It is cheap and very easy to get, waterproof, anti-oxidation and not easy to damage.

1. Industrial Shelves

Source : The Home Depot Blog

These concrete and pipe shelves are great for giving a room an industrial chic or rustic look, and also a practical way to add some space.

2. Marbled and Ombre Concrete Planters

Source : Apartment Therapy

Bored with the dull gray surface of the standard concrete work? You can try this way of coloring. Follow the easy steps and you will be happy with the results.

3. Concrete Ring Cones

Source : DIY in PDX

If storing your rings in the box is a common thing, then you should create this ring cones. An easy and beautiful project that you can do at the weekend.

4. Table Clock

Source : Insctuctables

This little clock would be perfect for the bedroom or den. It’s a block shaped clock that is made out of concrete. So what time is it? It’s time to pour some concrete o’clock.

5. Geometric Bookends

Source : eHow

Concrete is the perfect material for a DIY bookend. It’s heavy and easy to work with. With the help of recycled cardboard and quick-drying concrete, these modern bookends are budget-friendly and easy to make at home.

6. iPad Stand

Source : Instructables

Simple iPad holder but able to facilitate you while reading. It is fit in the kitchen to help you cook while reading recipes or wherever you like. This is easy to create and get moved. If you need to carry your iPad somewhere and have an added keyboard, it’s may be a good time to upgrade your iPad and get these sleek keyboard case from Typecase.

7. Paper Weights

Source : Monster Circus

Concrete paper weights for your office supplies. This prevents your papers from scattering in a lovely way. You can personlized them in the way you like, both spray or painted.

8. Concrete Coasters

If you do not want your table to get wet because of cold drinks, coasters are the answer. Made with concrete and cardboard inserts, these common household coasters are elevated to modern and chic conversational pieces of table decor.

9. Pendant Lamp

Source : Brit + Co

Designer lighting can cost some money. Instead of buying a brand new ceiling lamp, you can make yourself an entire set of stylish concrete pendant lights with a single bag of concrete mix and some old plastic bottles.

10. Candle Votives

Source : Say Yes

With a few simple things like coins, sticker tape and plastic cups plus, of course, the cement, you can make some lovely votives with a laced pattern and elegant design. You can further personalize the designs.

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