It sounds interesting to spend your summertime outside. You can spend your time in your backyard while enjoying your outdoor activity. To make your backyard more interesting, you can build a stock tank pool. A stock tank pool is an easy and affordable way to add a water feature to your backyard. They are incredibly inexpensive to purchase and decorate. It doesn’t have to be an ordinary swimming pool, however, as there are several ways to customize the appearance of your stock tank pool.

Whether you build it in the ground or install it on a deck, you can customize the overall appearance and use it as your personal getaway spot. One of the coolest ways to decorate a stock tank pool is to paint it. However, you must ensure that the surface is properly prepared before applying paint. You can paint the stock in a bright color or striped pattern. Adding a bench to your stock tank pool is a great way to add more seating area. Place a few tiki umbrellas and a small pergola around it for additional shade. Also, use colorful pool floats to add interesting look. Adding tropical plants is another way to enhance the look of your stock tank pool. Furthermore, take a look at ideas below.

Galvanized Stock Tank Pool from thespruce 

Summer Deck Pool from thespruce  Letters Stock Tank Pool from thespruce Wooden Bench Summer Tank Pool from thespruce Ice Cream Float  from thespruce  Black Tank Pool from thespruce 
DIY Bamboo Stock Tank Pool from thespruce  Galvanized Tank Pool from thespruce  White Stock Tank Pool  from thespruce  Pastel Color Tank Pool from thespruce  Stock Tank Pool Backyard from thespruce  Striped Stock Tank Pool from thespruce  Wooden Pallet Tank Pool from thespruce  Orange Stock Tank Pool from thespruce 

Black Stock Tank Pool from thespruce

Pink Striped Stock Tank Pool from mydomaine  Minimalist Summer Pool from mydomaine  Floral Stickers Stock Tank Pool from mydomaine  Tropical Paint  from mydomaine  Boho Summer Decor from mydomaine  Small Flamingo Pool Float from mydomaine 

White Tank Pool with Deck from mydomaine
Colorful Striped Stock Tank  from hgtvStriped Green Tank Pool from hgtv White Bamboo Tank Pool from hgtv Yelow Tank Pool from hgtv Wooden Tank Pool from hgtv

Black Minimalist Stock Tank Pool from hgtv
Blue Stock Tank Pool from decorhomeideasTank Pool with Greenery from decorhomeideas Tropical Stock Tank Pool  from decorhomeideas Stock Tank with Sand  from decorhomeideas
Stock Tank Pool Under Ground  from decorhomeideas Summer Stock Tank Pool  from decorhomeideas Watermelon Float  from decorhomeideas Bright Float  from decorhomeideas Bohemian Pool  from decorhomeideas White Pool  from decorhomeideas Stock Tank Pool With Cover  from decorhomeideas  Tropical Tank Pool from decorhomeideas Sun Shaded Stock Tank Pool from decorhomeideas

Black And White Striped Pool  from decorhomeideas

Large Striped Green Tank Pool from hgtv

Paint  Wall  Stock  Tank from hgtv

Oval Stock Tank Pool from hgtv
Pink Stock Tank Pool from thelittlefrugalhouse Green Pool Tank from thelittlefrugalhouse DIY Pastel Paint Stock Pool Tank from thelittlefrugalhouse

Purple Striped Tank Pool from thelittlefrugalhouse

Small Black Stock Tank Pool from thelittlefrugalhouse

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