A study room is a place where you will study every day. It will be much better to keep it clean and neat. So, you will get a good concentration without being disrupted by all clutter around you. However, buying a new storage item needs money. You have to keep your budget for some other necessities. Why don’t you make a DIY desk organizer? It will be easy and affordable. Check out our list below and get more inspiration to create a DIY desk organizer.

DIY Lego Desk Organizer

Diy lego desk organizer


Nothing to worry about in making this DIY organizer. The materials are ready in the kid’s room. Arrange the lego to make a box. Then, put on the pencils, pens, erasers, and other small things here. So, the kids will easy to find any of them. This organizer also adds a colorful effect to your desk decor.

DIY Tin Can Pyramid Organizer

Don’t throw away tin cans in your kitchen. Collect and save them. One day, you will use them to make crafts. Like the picture above. We can make a DIY tin can pyramid organizer for the student desk. It can keep all the pencils tidy. So, the desk will appear more organized well.

Golden Toy Animal Storage Jars 

Mason jars are a treasure for everyone. They are versatile materials to use for making any DIY. In this section, we can use them to make a golden toy animal storage jar. Attach the toy to the cap. Then, spray it with gold paint. Easy, right?

Pageboard Organizer DIY

We know that a pegboard is easy to use. You can make any storage with it. Furthermore, it is easy to find at a store. Just make it more personal by painting. Then, attach your DIY shelf to it. Hang some plants to make this organizer more eye-catching.

DIY Minimalist Wooden Organizer

You will need a wooden board. Then, cut it out into some pieces. Attach each part using glue. Feel free to customize the design you like. Get the examples from the internet or follow instructions from Curbly. You can paint it in any color you want as well. 

DIY Gold Pencil Holder

This desk organizer looks so awesome. You will need a wooden board and some tin cans. Attach the tin cans to the wood using hot glue. Then, paint the entire surface. Whenever the paint has dried, you can use this organizer to store pencils, pens, pins, or every small thing inside. 


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