How many scarves are there in your closet? It might be twenty or more. Why don’t you turn some of them that are not worn anymore into some new creations? Scarves are easy to repurpose. The appearance looks so good for any craft. Furthermore, it will improve your DIY skill. Furthermore, creating a DIY project by using scarves will not spend a lot of time. Then, a beginner can make wonderful creations as well. Check out our list below and get more inspiration!

DIY Curtains From Old Scarves

You need to have at least basic sewing skills to make these cool curtains. Improve your decor with these curtains with colorful touches. Furthermore, you don’t have to buy a new curtain. Just sew your old scarves into a new curtain and get your home to look better.

DIY Scarf Sun Catchers

This project is easy to do even for a DIY newbie. Just take some old scarves. Then, attach them to hoops. Hang these suncatchers on the window. Use a pin to hold each suncatcher. Thus, those sun catchers will not only protect your home from direct sunlight but also improve the window decor.

DIY Scarf Strappy Sandals

When it comes to warmer weather, you will need sandals to go out. So, where is your plan? If you want to go to the beach, it will be better for you to wear strappy sandals. Make a pair of sandals by using old scarves. Then, get your self look stylish every day in spring or summer.

DIY Upgraded Scarf Jewelry Tray

Save your pins, jewelry items, or other accessories in a tray. Now, it is time to upgrade your tray with a simple touch. Just use mod podge for its surface. Then, attach the scarf to it. Now, you get your tray brands new. This simple project creates a huge difference to your tray.

Wonderful Backdrop With Scarves

If you want to hold a party or just want to fill an empty space in your wall, scarves will do the task for you. Tie the scarves to each other and attach them to the wall. Whether for a baby’s nursery or for special dinners, this decoration will make your space looks delightful.

DIY Inspired Scarf Flats

Wow! The flats look so amazing. After being attached to a scarf, the shoes appear more interesting. You can do so for your own shoes. Just create a ribbon to the flats using old scarves.

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