The cold weather outside might make you want to stay indoors every day. However, it is almost impossible. You will need to go out several times. To keep you warm all winter days, you should wear winter accessories such as gloves, hats, beanies, boots, socks, and scarves. All of them are important for your body. In this article, we are going to show DIY scarves that look stylish and great to combine with any outfit. Check them out further and get inspired.

Beautiful Chunky Scarf

Can you believe that this beautiful chunky scarf is made by hand? But it’s true. Use your hand to create this scarf. Feel free to choose any color you like. This project can be finished in 30 minutes. Even, a DIY newbie can make this easier as well.

DIY Simple Tie-Dyed Scarf

Tie-dye is a technique to color fabric. Just tie certain parts of the fabric and put it in a bucket of liquid color. The tie parts will not be colored. This way creates beautiful patterns as you see in the picture. The scarf with indigo color looks so warm for winter.

DIY No Knit Yarn Scarf

If you don’t know how to knit or crochet, this DIY yarn scarf is something that you should try. Cut the yarn as long as you need. Then, tie some parts by using other yarns with different colors or you can use leather scrap. It will create texture and make the yarn look more expensive.

Faux Leopard Fur Scarf

Sew the faux fur fabric with a leopard pattern by hand. This project doesn’t require special skills. Honestly, you can use any fur design. But, a leopard will make you look more eye-catching. Wearing this for the evening will keep you warm and cozy. Combine this with a white long dress will be a nice idea for a dinner, right?

DIY Lace Infinity Scarf

Combine lace and any scarf material of yours. You can use a sewing machine or just do it by hand. The combination of lace and jersey looks nice. However, you are free to combine it with other fabric materials that are usually used for creating scarves.

DIY Glam Studded Scarf

This flam studded scarf is made of an old T-shirt. Just cut the T-shirt in any size you need. Then, sew it by hand to get a scarf look. Then, connect the stud one by one. This project will need several minutes. But, we guarantee that you will love the result.

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