Are you a crafter? Or, just someone who wants to make DIY things for the home? Well. It is time for you to challenge yourself in creating something new for your house. What about the staircase? Building a staircase to connect the upper and lower sections of the house is so admiring. Furthermore, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. However, at least you have basic woodworking skills. Check out our ideas below and get inspiration more.

Wonderful Garden Pallet Stairs

Wonderful garden pallet stairs

What a cool staircase! Make this beautiful garden staircase with your own hand. Yes. You don’t need asking a professional help to build this. As long as you have basic woodworking skills, this project is not hard. You only need to cut out the wood slats and planks. Then, attach them one by one to arrange the stairs.

Rustic Choco Brown Wooden Pallet Stairs

Rustic choco brown wooden pallet stairs

The staircase looks more eye-catching with pop hues. Add more pattern to make it spruces up. After arranging the planks and slats, decorate the stairs with your own drawing. Like this Boho inspired staircase. It gives a nice look and cozy atmosphere. What a pretty design.

Charming Wooden Pallet Stairs

Charming wooden pallet stairs

Choose shiny wooden pallet to make a lovely staircase like this. The steps making this staircase is as like as other staircases. Cut the wooden planks and slats. Then, arrange them one by one. Make them stable with nails. This project might need several hours, but you will like the result.

Rich-Looking Pallet Staircase Pallet

Rich-looking pallet staircase

This staircase will never go out of date anyway. Moreover, it adds rich-looking to your interior. Installing wooden pallet staircase will improve your home design. It is an awesome staircase for any home style. You can add this pallet staircase to rustic, contemporary, modern, or even Bohemian home styles.

Black Painted Wooden Pallet Staircase

Black painted wooden pallet staircase

There is no better thing than black painted wooden pallet staircase. This sturdy staircase will upgrade your outdoor look. Building this staircase is started from cutting out the planks and slats. Then, stack each pallet to create the steps. The last, paint the staircase in black

Pallet and Driftwood StaircasePallet-and-driftwood-stairs

Imagine this pallet and driftwood staircase in your outdoor. Isn’t it cool? This rustic style will blend in the natural surroundings. Building this staircase is not hard as long as you have the skills needed. Ask others to make it with you. Then, you will do this project faster. Feel free to paint it different colors like black, light brown, or other earthy hues.


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