Are you a fan of wine and collect it at home? As a wine fan, you may have counted the number of empty wine bottles and wine corks in your home. However, did you know that used wine bottles and wine corks can be reused? Especially wine corks. If you don’t know, there are many benefits that can be taken from wine corks. You can use them to be more functional. You can make some crafts, accessories, ornaments, and other home decor ideas. Whatever your creative genius, you’ll have no problem converting these corks to useful items.

Since leftover wine corks are versatile, you can make any item. You can make a star ornament or a cork board. Wine corks also a great way to make a bulletin board and are great for displaying items as well. If you’re a cook and are looking for a unique way to store your kitchen tools, consider using wine cork boards. These versatile storage pieces are easy to create and use. Or, you can create a handy keyring from your wine corks. Moreover, wine corks can also be used to make a Christmas ornament. You can make your miniature pine tree with these leftover items. For the other ideas, use your wine corks to make a placemat, bathmat, wall art, chandelier, planter, photo frames, vases, and more. So, how to use wine corks to be more functional? Keep reading to learn about some fun ways to reuse leftover wine corks.

Wine Cork Candles from diyjoy

Wine Cork Ampersand Wall Art from diyjoy

DIY Wine Cork Trivet from diyjoy

DIY Bathmat from diyjoy

DIY Wine Cork Cheese Knife Handles  from diyjoy

Wine Cork Chandelier from diyjoy

Wine Cork DIY Toy People from diyjoy

 Wine Cork State Art from diyjoy

Framed DIY Wine Cork Board from diyjoy

 DIY Wine Cork Backsplash from diyjoy

Wine Cork DIY Succulent Planter  from diyjoy

DIY Wine Cork Heart Wall Art  from diyjoy

Wine Cork Sailboat  from diyjoy

Wine Cork Picture Frame  from diyjoy

DIY Wine Cork Board For Wedding Table Numbers from diyjoy

DIY Vase From Wine Corks from diyjoy

Wine Cork DIY Napkin Ring from diyjoy

 Upcycled Wine Cork DIY Placemat from diyjoy

Wine Cork Keyring from diyjoy

Washi Tape DIY Wine Charms from diyjoy

DIY Wine Cork Wreath from diyjoy

Wine Cork Plant Markers from diyjoy

DIY Ballon Wine Cork from diyjoy

Wine Cork DIY Photo Clip from diyjoy

DIY Wine Cork Pocket Pals from diyjoy

Bulletin Board from diyjoy

Ombre DIY Necklace Organizer from diyjoy

DIY Dresser Top from Wine Corks from diyjoy

Wine Cork Memory Preserver from diyjoy

Lamp Stand Wine Cork Makeover from diyjoy

 DIY Dresser Drawer Knobs from diyjoy

Wine Cork DIY Coasters from diyjoy

DIY Wine Cork Ball from diyjoy

 DIY Wine Cork Curtains from diyjoy

DIY Wine Cork Dart Board from diyjoy

DIY Wine Cork Coffee Table  from balconygardenweb

DIY Wine Cork Birdhouse  from balconygardenweb

Air Plant Wine Cork Magnets  from balconygardenweb

DIY Cork Sculpture  from balconygardenweb

DIY Cork Planter Box  from balconygardenweb

Hanging Cork Planter  from balconygardenweb

DIY Cork Trivet from balconygardenweb

Wine Cork Mini Stamps  from balconygardenweb

Dressed Up Cork Planters  from balconygardenweb

DIY Monogram Cork  from balconygardenweb

Wine Cork Tray  from shelterness

Cork Backsplash  from shelterness

Wine Cork Wall Art  from shelterness

DIY Cork Board from shelterness

Candle Holder Wine Cork from countryliving

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