Do you have thousands of books and magazines that need to store? Even your bookcase is not enough to accommodate them. You need more storage spaces but your shelves already full of other things. Just create new book storage, then.  Throwing them away is not a good option but you don’t have room to keep them, do you? In this article, we are going to show the book and or magazine storage ideas to copy.

Use Upcycled Shutter

Use upcycled shutter


What a genius idea! The creator of this DIY gives wonderful furniture repurposing. There is a window shutter that reuses as a book or magazine storage. Feel free to paint it first before. So you will see a fresh item on your home office wall.

Magazines in Record Display Case

This is a smart idea to use an old record display case to store books and magazines. Even it displays all your collection smartly. You don’t have to buy a new cabinet to keep your favorite books or magazines.

Distressed Cola Crate

It seems like coming back to the Victorian era with this distressed cola crate. The creator paints it in white that adds a shabby chic value. For the one who loves vintage look, this distressed cola crate is a great piece to store books.

Awesome Magazine Holder

What do you think about this amazing magazine holder? The creator use scratch, wood panels, sisal rope, and spray paints. The numbers are made of chalkboard paint. You will need some hours to create this DIY magazine holder anyway.

Metal Old Record Stand

To add a midcentury decor scheme, installing this metal old record stand will be nice. Then, use it to store magazines or books. You don’t have to repaint it to attain an industrial feeling. However, you are free to change the color if you want to refresh its look.

Cool Ruler Magazine Rack

Here is a cool rack that will remind us of the industrial era. You need some old rulers to have this cool magazine rack. Further, it adds whimsy to your wall just in minutes. So, do you want to do this project this weekend?

Art-Piece Holder

It will need some hours to create this art-piece holder. You need wooden boards, pins, jigsaw, and drill to create this DIY magazine or book holder. Though it is only a triangular wooden rack, it has an artistic value.


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