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52 Smart And Unusual Book’s Storage Ideas For Book Lovers

Though e-books continue to grow in popularity, many people still loves to read the real book and make it as one of your collection at home. But keeping it can quickly turn from organized nostalgia to a cluttered mess. And toss them into a box will only make your storage space is full of it. The best thing to keep them protected and in sight, consider to add a book storage to your space.

A great bookcase never goes out of style and it can be doubling as a design element and a storage solution to your space. For example, if you have small space, make your bookcase do double-duty as a space divider. Don’t forget to clean your book collection frequently to prevent the book from damageĀ and consider the climate controlled; place a wooden pallets on the floor to avoid moisture absorption from the concrete. Now check out theseĀ 52 smart and unusual book storage ideas for book lovers like you to get some inspiration to make one of it as yours at home below. Enjoy!


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