Are you looking forward to updating your patio? Installing some new furniture items will be much better. Add a table, bench, sofa, or other pieces made by hand is a nice idea. Sit in a new chair after working all day long looks nice. Crafting DIY furniture for your patio needs not much money. However, you should have at least a basic carpenter skill. Let us see our ideas below of ingenious patio furniture projects!

Pallet Table With A Twist

Pallet table with a twist


Give a surprise to your kid by making this pallet table. The pallet is easy to make as long as you have the woods, hammer, and nails. Then, you can add a twist like a swing underneath that can be used for playing.  Your kid will love it too.

Steel Drum Patio Seating Set

This is incredible. Old steel drums can be repurposed as a great seating set for the patio. You only have to cut the drums to get a chair shape. Then, paint it with any color as you like. Add a cushion on the top of it to get a comfy seating. One drum functioned as the table. So perfect.

Cushioned Stump Stools

Well, these stools are made of woods only. Look at the log that cut shortly with cushions on the top of them. Those stools are rustic and chic to be put on the patio. Welcome your spring with these stools. Feel free to apply various cushion patterns to get a more cheerful look.

Reclaimed Pallet Lounge

Why don’t you use your old timber pallet to create a new lounge? In this picture, we can see a cool pallet lounge with throw pillows that so comfy. Enjoy your evening time with your spouse here with a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

Wire Patio Table For Patio

Take your old wire or you can get it on the garage sell or somewhere. Add a round wooden pallet on top of it. Then, voila. It becomes a new stool. It looks so industrial but will be nice for your patio. As long as you have the material, it will easy to craft this wire patio table.

Cool Rocking Chair

It should be the one who has a great carpenter skill to make these amazing spool rocking chairs. Though making this chair will need more time, but you will feel happy with the result. Enjoy anytime here no matter what the season is.

Concrete Planter

What about this cool planter? You need to collect some concrete blocks to get this look. Arrange the concrete into a chair shape. Plant your plant in every hole. Then, see how this planter looks like a cute garden.



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