Your tiny balconies hold a lot of potentials, especially if you apply Bohemian décor elements. With some efforts, you can transform a small balcony into a nice reading nook or relaxing spot. This transformation only needs a simple makeover, but the effect is stunning. Here are several ideas to apply Bohemian aesthetic in a tiny balcony.

Small Mattress

Pushing a small mattress into the corner of the balcony already gives you a nice spot for relaxing. You can spice it up with a blanket or sofa throw. Alternatively, stack several Japanese mattresses to form a slightly higher seating area.

Japanese mattresses complete with blankets and several banats add comfort to the Boho balcony by forming a slightly higher seating area. Several string lamps and candles will provide comfort for everyone.

Complete your balcony with a Japanese mattress to relax. Some pillows and plants provide a bit of a natural feel to the balcony of your apartment.

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Modern minimalist but stylish furniture is perfect for relaxing in the middle of a dense urban bohemian balcony.

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This Japanese mattress looks more dramatic with a touch of pillows and blankets. You don’t need to have a spacious balcony boho to make good use of it.

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Enter Japanese mattress furniture for the small balcony of your bohemian apartment. Some pillow cushions and blankets will also add instant rural comfort.

Pull your eyes out with comfortable furniture and strategic placement. Japanese mattresses form a slightly higher seating area complete with pillows and blankets that will make anyone comfortable on the balcony of your bohemian apartment.

You only need to make a statement chair for a comfortable place on the bohemian balcony. Use Japanese mattresses complete with pillows and blankets to make this balcony decoration balanced.

Be sure to choose sleek furniture into your bohemian balcony decor. Japanese mattresses with a slightly higher seating area will make you a good place to relax.

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Colorful pillows will instantly improve even the most boring balcony corner. Choose several small pillows or a couple of oversized ones to create a cozy corner. Boho pillows should have bold colors or funky patterns, which will give your balcony a strong character.

Bohemian balcony decoration is seen from the role of the pillow that makes this place look warmer. Using a bran color will give your balcony a strong character.

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A simple bohemian balcony will feel comfortable thanks to the right ornaments. These bold colors will enhance the style and comfort of your apartment balcony at night.

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This bold colored pillow is the most popular and budget-friendly idea you can find. With a funky pattern that is combined with several plants will make a fresh look in your bohemian balcony area.

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This bold color pillow and funky pattern are very interesting to create a comfortable angle and enjoy your outdoor space.

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The bold colored pillows on your bohemian balcony are interesting furniture for you to try. Complete with blankets to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

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Patterned Rug

Every Bohemian décor needs a patterned rug to improve the floor space. Even with a tiny area rug, you can greatly improve a small balcony. Choose a rug with bold patterns, such as abstract, floral, tribal, or animal patterns. A vertical square rug is a common option for a tiny balcony.

This tribal patterned carpet looks more dramatic with a touch of other ornaments. You don’t need to have a large boho balcony to make good use of it.

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Add warm ornaments from tribal-patterned carpets to your small bohemian balcony. This method will also add instant rural comfort.

Pull your eyes out with the right ornamentation and strategic placement. This abstract patterned rug will make anyone comfortable on your bohemian balcony.

Make sure you choose the ornament that fits your bohemian balcony decoration. Tribal patterned carpets will make your feet comfortable when on the balcony.

Tribal rugs can also create extraordinary warmth combined with wood furniture. You can add some plants to make it more natural.

Bohemian balconies with tribal-patterned rugs would be ideal to warm the atmosphere in the room. Place it on the floor and mix it with other ornaments.

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Plants will make your Boho balcony more alive. You can “spread” multiple plants there, by planting them in different ways. For example, a mid-sized Ficus can stand on the corner floor, while a mini planter full of flowers hang from the balcony railing. Hanging baskets or macrame can hold ferns, while wall planters feature mini succulents.

The decoration on a bohemian balcony doesn’t need much space. Simply place a medium-sized Ficus near the window for the best view. This makes your balcony look shady.

The best part of decorating boho balcony plants is easy maintenance. Place a medium-sized Ficus plant standing on a corner floor to keep the plant getting enough sunlight.

Mason jar vase with macrame makes the bohemian style feel more. Add other plants to make an extraordinary appearance with this.

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Blooming flower plants with rattan basket pots make your boho balcony get the impression of fresh air. Not only that but it also gives a green sensation to your boho balcony.

Place plants full of flowers hung on boho balcony railings to decorate them so that this extraordinary balcony has an air source from this plant.

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Funky Lighting Fixtures

A balcony does not need to be overly bright, so you can get creative with the lighting. Fairy lights, wind chime lamp, or Moroccan lantern can spice up your balcony in a more intimate way. 

Fairy lights and rattan swings will accompany you to penetrate the silence of the night on your bohemian balcony. Carpets and floor cushions are made outside the comfortable space.

Fairy lights hanging on the trails on this bohemian balcony will give soft light at night. Some comfortable ornaments and plants will complete the decoration.

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The fairy lights and a few candles on this bohemian balcony will give you shades at night. A strong boho atmosphere emerged with ornaments inside.

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Make your bohemian balcony colorful and warm the atmosphere with a soothing balcony decor. Globe string lights and some candles will add romance directly to the balcony of your apartment.

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Your small balcony is a great spot for reading, painting, or enjoying the weather without going out. These Bohemian décor ideas will make an ordinary balcony look enticing.

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