The first weekend of June 2022 is indeed a very, very special one for the United Kingdom and beyond. For those of you that aren’t quite up to date with the latest current affairs (have you been living under a rock?!) Her Majesty The Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking a staggering seventy years of service.

The Queen is now the nation’s longest reigning monarch – a huge achievement that’s certainly worth celebrating. People around the world have already started planning their Platinum Jubilee garden parties, and you should join in! If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ve put together some top tips that’ll ensure you throw a party fit for a Queen

Put on a good spread

You simply cannot throw a party without ensuring your guests have a delicious spread to pick and choose from. To guarantee your gathering is a success, we recommend investing a bit of time and money into the food and drink you’ll have on offer. You can’t go wrong with scones, tea, Prosecco, and a selection of sandwiches, all of which are simple to make and also cost-effective. Winner, winner, delicious party food for dinner!

Decorate your garden accordingly

Set the royal scene for your visitors by dressing your garden with themed decorations. Red, white, and blue bunting should be strewn across your garden fences, with Union Jack flags proudly flying in clear sight. Oh, and don’t forget about the dining table! As it’s going to be outside, you must choose a table with sturdy table legs, and then decorate it with themed table linens, runners, napkins and place mats.

Get everyone together – the bigger the better!

An achievement as incredible as this one should rightly bring the entire nation (nay, the world!) together to celebrate. With that in mind, a successful Platinum Jubilee garden party absolutely requires the attendance of neighbours, friends, and family. Even if you feel as though you’ve barely moved past ‘stranger’ status with your neighbours, you should invite them along, too! This is a fantastic opportunity to build new relationships.

Make dessert part of the décor

Delicious cakes and pastries should be enjoyed beyond taste. If you incorporate dessert as part of the décor, you’ll be presented with further opportunities to make this the best party of the year. For many of us, we will never see another British Monarch reach such an amazing milestone, and therefore we need to make every element count! Create the Union Jack design on top of the cakes using red, white, and blue icing, and why not stick mini flags into pastries and sweet treats?

Have a ‘Plan B’ ready in case of a weather emergency

It wouldn’t be a British party without some typical British weather, would it? Even if the weather app on your mobile promises a dry day with clear skies, we strongly recommend you have a ‘Plan B’ in place. A celebration this significant shouldn’t be ruined by poor weather! Be ready to move the party inside the house at any given moment, if necessary, and encourage your guests to bring an umbrella and jacket, just in case!

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