Skylights are ideal for any commercial space. It makes your room appear larger and allows natural light into your space. If you have ever wanted to add a skylight but didn’t want to spend the money, you can do it yourself! We will guide you by installing roof hatches and adding a skylight to your home. Let’s get started!    

  1. The first step is to purchase roof hatches that fit the dimensions of your space. Once you have it, you will need to measure and mark the center of each one. Then, using a drill, create a hole in the center of each roof hatch.  
  2. Next, you will need to create a frame for your skylight. You can do this by using wood or PVC pipe. Cut the wood or PVC pipe pieces to size and assemble them using screws or brackets.  
  3. Once you assemble the frame, it’s time to attach it. Place it over the hole in the roof hatch and screw it.  
  4. Now, it’s time to install the glass. Place the glass panes into the frame and then use silicone sealant to seal them. Make sure you apply the silicone sealant around all four sides of each pane of glass.   
  5. The last step is to install the skylight. Place the skylight onto the roof and screw it into place. That’s it! You’ve now installed your very own skylight. Enjoy the natural light in your business space!  

Installing a skylight may seem challenging, but you can easily do it using roof hatches. Follow the steps in this guide, and you will have a beautiful skylight installed in no time!    

The Many Benefits of Having Skylights Using Roof Hatches  

If you’ve ever been in a place with a skylight, you know how much light they let in and how wonderful it is. Skylights are great for any room in your building, but they’re especially nice in places like the kitchen or bathroom, where natural light is at a premium. You can combine skylights with roof hatches to provide more light and ventilation. Check out some of the benefits below:  

  • Increased Light     

The best feature of skylights is that they allow in much natural light. If you have a skylight over a roof hatch, this is true. The combination of the two will let in even more light than a skylight, brightening up any room in your space.   

  • Improved Ventilation     

Besides letting in more light, skylights and roof hatches can also improve ventilation. If you have a skylight positioned over a roof hatch, you can open both to let in a breeze and get some fresh air circulating. It is a great way to keep your interior space fresh and comfortable, especially during the warmer months.    

  • Lower Energy Bills  

Because they allow light and improve ventilation, skylights and roof hatches can also help lower your energy bills. In the summer, you can open the skylight and roof hatch to let in natural light and air, which will help keep your space cooler. In the winter, you can close the skylight but leave the roof hatch open to let in some light but not all the heat, which will help keep your heating bills down.    

  • Enhanced curb appeal   

Skylights and roof hatch improve the function of your building, but they can also enhance its curb appeal. A well-placed skylight can add a touch of architectural interest, while a roof hatch can provide a unique and stylish way to get extra light and ventilation. Either way, they’re sure to make your commercial space stand out. 

Final Thoughts

If you plan to improve your building’s function and style, consider adding skylights and roof hatches. They’re a great way to let in more light and improve ventilation, and they can also help lower your energy bills. Plus, they’ll make your place look more stylish and unique. So why not give them a try? You’re sure to be glad you did.  

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