If you are looking for how to make kimono by yourself then you are in the right place. Kimono that is perfect for summer but also great for another season. These kimono ideas below are perfect that you can make it at home. All the ideas are collected in DIY Uncomplicated Kimono Ideas Where Everyone Can Make It.

DIY Basic Kimono

Here is probably the simplest idea of kimono where looks so nice, elegant, and lightweight. It is a kimono-style tunic top. This kimono will be perfect to accompany your summer that easy to make. The supplies you need to create this are 1 square yard of fabric like stretchy sheer, scissors, fabric blue or needle, and thread.

Kimono From A Scarf

Kimono from a scarf DIY Uncomplicated Kimono Ideas Where Everyone Can Make It


This is a creative kimono idea from a scarf. This kimono has a style of long, flowy, lightweight, and perfectly nice. The supplies you need are a large scarf, scissors, a sewing machine or needle, and thread. This kimono is not only creative but also quick and easy to create. Once you are done then you will probably want to make dozens. Besides, if you don’t have a scarf handy, you can choose a couple of yards of fabric.

Kimono Cool

This kimono style looks like a lightweight cardigan with a nice style. The supplies you need to create this are 1 yard of lightweight fabric, matching thread, and rolled hem foot.

Crochet Kimono

This crochet kimono offers you a fantastic style. Besides, you can create different color crochet kimono to suit your different outfits. The materials you need to create this are yarn, 2,5mm crochet hook or B/1 US hook size, 6 mm crochet hook or J/10 US hook size, sewing yarn needle, and a stitch marker.

Cross Front Kimono

This kimono looks a bit more of traditional kimono while consistently being really fun. Besides, you can have this also perfect beach time. The supplies you need to create this cross-front kimono are 1,5 yards of lightweight fabric, scissors, and a sewing machine.

Now-Sew T-Shirt Kimono

This is the coolest kimono creation you can make at home for now by using an oversized t-shirt. This is a fun project that you can add any type of trim to suit your style. The supplies you need are an oversize t-shirt, 2 yards of fabric trim (tassel, feather, ruffles, or any kind), permanent fabric glue, fray stopper, fabric pencil, marker, or chalk, fabric scissors, ballpoint, and matching thread.


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