Gardening is a fun activity. You can do many activities, one of which is planting plants. There are various ways to grow plants. If you want your plants to be safe from animal disturbance, to look neater and more orderly, you may need a raised garden bed. A raised garden bed can be an option for those of you who want to group certain plants to make maintenance easier. In addition, a raised garden bed can be an alternative gardening for those of you who have limited land. And luckily, you can make your own raised garden bed with DIY projects. Whether you’re a new gardener or you’ve been gardening for years, there are a few things you should know about building a raised garden bed.

If you are looking for DIY raised garden bed ideas, there are some ways and materials that you can choose from. First, using pallets to make garden beds can be a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to build a raised garden. They are strong and can be easily replaced. Upcycled items can also be another choice. In this case, you can use crates, plastic bins, buckets, or tires. Another way, you can make your raised garden beds from bricks, cinder blocks, and stones. If you can find some logs, you can use them for your DIY raised garden bed ideas. Even, you can use metal or galvanized materials for the DIY raised garden bed. And more ideas to come. Furthermore, take a look at these ideas below.

Raised Planter Stand with Tub from homebnc 

Raised Garden Box from homebnc  Plastic Bins Garden Bed from homebnc  Functional Garden Planter from homebnc  DIY Yellow Paint Raised Bed from homebnc  Functional Garden Planter Bed from homebnc 
Raised Garden Bed with Crates from homebnc  Cinder Block DIY Raised Garden Bed from homebnc Colorful Crates Garden Bed from homebnc 

DIY Fence Raised Garden Bed from homebnc

Tiered Garden Bed from goodhousekeeping Metal Bed from goodhousekeeping Symmetrical Raised Garden Bed from goodhousekeeping Rustic Wood Garden Bed from goodhousekeepingBright Red Planter from goodhousekeeping DIY Galvanized Planter from goodhousekeeping DIY Box Wood from goodhousekeeping Wooden Box Raised Garden Bed from goodhousekeeping Light Wood Raised Garden Bed from goodhousekeeping Repurposed Crates from goodhousekeeping Brick Raised Garden Bed from goodhousekeeping

DIY Rectangular Garden Bed from goodhousekeeping

Wattle Fence Raised Bed from balconygardenweb Raised Bed from Tires from balconygardenweb Brick Raised Bed from balconygardenweb Raised Bed with Wire Mesh from balconygardenweb Hay Bale Raised Bed from balconygardenweb Cinder Blocks Raised Bed from balconygardenweb Sandbags Raised Bed from balconygardenweb Tree Trunks and Stumps Raised Bed from balconygardenweb DIY Cedar Raised Bed from balconygardenweb Jute Bags Raised Bed from balconygardenweb Corten Steel Raised Bed from balconygardenweb Spiral Raised Bed from balconygardenweb Gabion Raised Bed from balconygardenweb Logs raised bed from balconygardenweb Pallet Raised Bed from balconygardenweb Corrugated Steel Raised Bed from balconygardenweb  Stones Raised Bed from balconygardenweb Dark Wood Raised Beds from balconygardenweb Raised Bed With Benches from balconygardenweb C-Shaped Raised Bed from balconygardenweb Elevated Flower Bed from balconygardenweb Bamboo Lined Raised Bed from balconygardenweb DIY River Rock Garden Bed from balconygardenweb Straw Bale Raised Garden Bed from balconygardenweb Metal Raised Garden Bed from balconygardenweb Clay Pipe Planter Bed from balconygardenweb

Raised Garden Bed with Bench from balconygardenweb

Hexagonal Raised Beds from thespruce Built-In Raised Beds from thespruce Grow Bag Raised Beds from thespruce Circle Stone Garden Bed from thespruce Metal Raised Garden Bed from thespruce Space Saving Garden Bed from thespruce Lasagna Garden Raised Beds from thespruce

Raised Bed and Container Design from thespruce


 Metal and Woodn Raised Garden Bed from bobvila Raised Garden Bed and Bench  from bobvilaHigh Wooden Pallet Garden Bed  from bobvila

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