To grow a vegetable, raised-bed gardening is a great way especially if your garden soil is poor or compacted or has poor drainage. And there is no bending over to pull the weed or harvest vegetables. It takes little space and can be built over a concrete patio. The drainage in it is superior to that in an in-ground garden bed.

Consider not building a raised bed on a wooden deck because when the bed is full of soil and water, its weight could cause structural damage. Line the planting bed with hardware cloth or chicken wire at building time if the raised bed sits directly on the soil to prevent visits from burrowing animals; grasshoppers and moles. Don’t forget to choose the location that gets at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day. Now take a look at these 36 easy to make DIY-raised garden beds ideas below to inspire you.

Raised Garden Bed with Wooden Trellis from myhomeinspiration

Tiered Wood Garden Bed from emilysfrugaltips

Combination of Stone with Wood Garden Bed from uniqueideas

Plywood with Wire Garden Bed from nafhastyle

Galvanized with Red Wood Garden Bed from mydesiredhome

Small Garden Bed Decor

High Wood Garden Bed from farmfoodfamily

Standing Garden Bed with Wooden Leg from homesteadandprepper

Curved Garden Bed Ideas from farmfoodfamily

DIY Pallet Wood Garden Bed from naibann

Vegetable Raised Bed from zhuanlan.zhihu

DIY Stone Garden Bed from diycraftsy

Repaint Wood Vegetable Garden Bed from palletsidea

Large Brick Garden Bed

Decorative Plants Garden Bed from nastroy

Unique Teak Wood Garden Bed from uniqueideas

Wooden Garden Bed with Door from naibann

Modern Galvanized Garden Bed

Tomato Wooden Garden Bed from naibann

DIY Natural Wood Lettuce Garden Bed from homystyle

Tube shape Garden Bed from mydesiredhome

Wheels Leg Wooden Garden Bed

DIY Recycle Wood Garden Bed

U Shape Wood Garden Bed from uniqueideas

Large and Open Space Garden Bed from homystyle

U Shape Plywood Garden Bed from theownerbuildernetwork

Teak Wood Garden Bed with High Trellis from homystyle

Garden Bed On Budget from nastroy

DIY Lettuce Garden Bed from craftsbooming

Tiered Garden Bed in the Backyard from yardsurfer

High Wood Garden Bed from

Square Garden Bed with Unique Trellis from gardenoholic

Rectangle Plywood Garden Bed

Thick Wooden Garden Bed from literaryhealingarts

DIY Wooden with Zinc Garden Bed from freshideen

DIY Flower Garden Bed from 33decor

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