Of all of the kinds of lighting that you can have, the lantern is one of the interesting lightings that comes in varied designs. It could be for indoor and outdoor lighting but mostly, people love to install it for outdoor lighting. Related to summer, since the weather will let you spend your days outside at night, then having the lantern as your outdoor lighting this summer will be great. The lantern won’t be the one that is hanging but you can also have it by simply putting it down near the seating, around the garden bed, or along the walking path. The designs that you can have are prepared below.

Colorful Lantern

Using a lantern to complement the outdoor lighting idea is a perfect idea and you can try it now. Lanterns made using paper will present an attractive appearance in a simple way. Having a shape like a basket will make this lantern look simple but still attractive. This lantern has a combination of several colors that will make it look very festive and perfect for a summer-themed. Then you can string it using a rope and display it hanging so that it will provide a double advantage. In addition to providing beautiful lighting, it will also give a festive summer look. Colorful Lantern from Vlazso.

Paper Jellyfish Lantern

Lanterns made with this DIY project will never fail for outdoor decorating ideas. Made using paper and has a jellyfish-like design will make it look very attractive in summer. Has a bright color theme, which will make this jellyfish lantern look very perfect. This jellyfish lantern in addition to providing beautiful and attractive lighting, it will also make your summer decorations look more alive. You can display it by hanging the jellyfish so that it is perfectly exposed and manages to steal attention. Paper Jellyfish Lantern from Beejaybakauresort.

Citrus Lantern

Express your creativity right now! making DIY lanterns is an interesting idea that you can try now. The lantern made with this jar looks very simple but is still suitable for outdoor decoration ideas. Coated with citrus slices will make this lantern look absolutely perfect this summer. Having a size that is not too big, will make this lantern look more simple but still attractive. You can place this citrus in an outdoor area so that it will provide beautiful and stunning lighting in the summer. Citrus Lantern from Mojedziecikreatywnie.

Patterned Paper Lantern

This lantern was made with a DIY project using paper material so that it will present a creative look. Having a mini size will make this lantern very cute and adorable. Made using colorful patterned paper, it will make it look more festive and match the summer theme. It’s not enough just one, you can make several lanterns and display them by hanging. Placing it in an outdoor area will make this lantern manage to steal the attention of everyone who sees it and can inspire everyone who comes. Patterned Paper Lantern from Siri.macht.was.

Plastic Bottle Jellyfish Lantern

Complementing the summer outdoor lighting idea with a lantern is an interesting idea. Instead of buying them at the store, these DIY-made lanterns manage to bring out a beautiful look. Made using a plastic bottle will make this lantern look unique at an affordable cost. Having a jellyfish theme will make this lantern very suitable for summer decorating ideas. The blue light generated from this jellyfish lantern manages to present an extraordinary display. Plastic Bottle Jellyfish Lantern from Eventmybrand.

Beach Lantern

This lantern is made with a DIY project that will make it look very interesting and creative. Having a block shape will look simple but still perfect for any decoration. This lantern has a beach theme that manages to make your summer decorations even more festive. Placing it in an outdoor area will make this lantern the perfect lighting idea as well as make your decor more attractive. Displaying it on the table will allow it to be perfectly exposed so that it can inspire everyone who comes. Beach Lantern from Firedworksglass.

Rainbow Lantern

Make your outdoor decorations look more festive than usual! presenting a lantern is the right solution. Lanterns made with DIY projects using hard will present a quite creative and inspirational look. Having a circle shape and a rainbow theme will make this lantern look absolutely perfect in summer. Then you can display several lanterns together so that it will bring a festive look and make your outdoor decorations livelier. At night this lantern will present very beautiful lighting in your outdoor area. Rainbow Lantern from Thebluebarn.

Fish Lantern

Show your creativity now! You can make lanterns to complement your outdoor lighting ideas. Made using paper material, this lantern is very easy to make at an affordable cost. Having a fish theme will make this lantern look very unique and loved by all people from adults to children. This lantern is displayed by hanging it using a thread so that it can be fully exposed. This DIY fish lantern is very easy to make and safe for children so it will never fail to try. Fish Lantern from Yukari_todayisthebest.

Tropical Lantern

Adding a lantern to your outdoor d├ęcor would be the perfect lighting idea in summer. Having a shape like a ball will make it look simpler but still perfect. This lantern has a tropical theme which will make it look perfect and suitable for a summer theme. Hanging on the front porch area will work well to provide lighting ideas in your outdoor area. In addition, this lantern also manages to bring a creative and inspirational look to your summer decorations. Tropical Lantern from Bibishome.

Paper Butterfly Lantern

Instead of buying lanterns at the store, you can make your own for summer decorating ideas. This lantern was made with a DIY project using paper material which makes it look simple but still perfect. Having a white color theme will make the light produced more perfect so it is suitable for lighting ideas in outdoor areas. A little butterfly accent on this paper lantern will present a very beautiful appearance and manage to steal the attention. Then you can hang it in an outdoor area so it will be the perfect focal point there. Paper Butterfly Lantern from _muddy_boots.

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