Newspaper comes and goes every day. It gives you more information about the world. Nowadays, people read the news on the internet. So, what about your newspaper collections? Are you going to throw them away? It will be much better to recycle them to make new things for your home decoration. It can be in the form of wall decor or other accessories. We have collected DIY newspaper recycle projects that you can copy. Check them out further below and get inspired!

DIY Newspaper Frame Art

Diy newspaper frame art


Use newspaper to make framed art. Customize it if you want. You are free to use the newspaper for the background. Or, use it as the frame. This is a super easy craft that a beginner can make in minutes. You only have to prepare the frame, glue, and newspaper.

Painted Flower Newspaper DIY

Crafting flowers is easy. You can use various materials. But, newspaper flowers are different. Draw the flower pattern you like. Then, cut the newspaper based on the pattern. Shape the flower petals and glue. Paint the petals in various colors. Now, it’s time to decorate your home with painted flower newspapers.

DIY Fantastic Seedlings Pods

Newspaper pots work well for outside and inside decor. We can plant herbs, succulents, or vegetables. Grow your garden and get fresh vegetables every day. Making pots from newspapers is not tricky. You can follow the instructions to make newspaper seedlings pots here.

DIY Newspaper Wall Art

Cool, right? This DIY newspaper wall art is gorgeous. It will be a little bit time-consuming, but the result is pretty. Collect some newspapers and shape them around. Customize the sizes and colors you like. Attach them to the wall. Applying this wall art to a bedroom is a great idea.

DIY Newspaper Table Runner

What do you think of this table decor? This decor is super easy and affordable for anyone. You don’t need to spend a penny. You will need a lot of newspapers. Get them from a dollar store. Then, fold it into a rectangular shape. Put it at the center of the dining table. Complete your table design with ribbon.

DIY Newspaper Gift Bags

Carry your small things with this DIY newspaper gift bag. Use it to give a Christmas gift to your friend too. Search the pattern from the internet and cut. Add a strap to complete its design. Feel free to customize the sizes and colors you like.



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