Staying warm all winter is one of the most amazing feelings for all. It won’t be only about your winter home decoration but also to stay warm by using a hand warmer. Look at the ideas below to create your own hand warmers.

DIY No-Sew Hand Warmers

Diy no-sew hand warmers Effortless Hand Warmer Ideas As Your DIY Project At Home


This no-sew hand warmer will not ask about your sewing abilities. It is a DIY hand warmer but you can still make one via the no-sew technique of making use of a peel and stick fabric fuse tape. This tape works magic and helps in the joining process of the fabric after the proper cutting of the fabric to the desired squared size. After that, your hand warmer is ready to keep you warm for the winter. The materials you need are rice, cotton fabric, fabric fuse tape, lavender essential oil, and scissors.

DIY Lavender Hand Warmers

Diy lavender hand warmers Effortless Hand Warmer Ideas As Your DIY Project At Home


The lavender hand warmer is great for those that love the amazing fragrance that gives you a magical touch. It is quite simple to make but very defined because of the amazing scent. The materials you need are 1 cup rice,  1/4 cup lavender, 1/2 yard of fabric, thread, and wintery stamp or stencil. Meanwhile, the tools you will need are a sewing machine, scissors, pins, and tape measure.

Removable Cover Hand Warmers

The removable cover hand warmer is a 15 minutes DIY project to warm up your hand. Here, you will definitely need a pair of scissors so as to cut the fabric in small desired square length, you have to lay the fabric right side up and fold 8.25cm (3.25’‘) on one side and then the other so there is an overlap in the middle. After that, sew across the raw edges. Last, make sure you start and finish each line of sewing with a few stitches back and forth to secure.

Fleece Hand Warmer

This type of hand warmer is more stylish and comfy. The materials you need are a sewing machine, fleece fabric, scissors, chalk, measuring tape, thread, and needle. After that, you will also need to add a bow to look more fashionable.

Handlebar Hand Warmers

The materials you need to create this handlebar hand warmer are 1/4 yard of fleece, 6 inches velcro, scissors,  pins, and measuring tape or ruler. The result will be very useful for every biker.


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