Enjoying beauty of the lantern’s light at night can greatly calm your mind. Besides, lanterns also serve to beautify your backyard either during the day or at night. Its unique and beautiful design will emit a dim light at night. It’s not difficult for you to have it in your backyard. You can use some unused cans or jar to make an antique and environmentally friendly lantern holder. Even more, it will also help you to save money on electricity bills. Here you will get creative and simple ideas about the lantern you can do by yourself at home.

  • Magic Starlight Lantern

The shape and color of this unique jar if filled with light sources such as candles or LED lights will emit very beautiful light. It’s like a magic starlight at night.

  • Lettering Lantern

Through this jar you will not only get a stunning light but you can also write a phrase on its side. The text will appear and can be read when you fill the jar with the light source. It’s so artistic!

  • Oil Lamp

You can enjoy the beauty of candle light floating above the oil inside jar. You can also fill it with aromatic oil so you can get a beautiful light and a fragrant aroma at once.

  • Bucket as a Centerpiece

If you have a bucket or used tin but won’t to throw it away, you can use it as a lantern holder for your backyard. You just need to make some holes on it so that the light from inside can shine out at night.

  • Jar Lantern

Do you agree that it’s simple and easy to be made? You just need some little white pebbles, candles and wires to hang the jar.

  • Clean and Clear Can Lantern

The clear glass filled with candles look very beautiful and pellucid. While the black stick makes it looks elegant to support it in illuminating backyard. The design of this lantern looks like a classic lights from the past.

  • Pattern of an Awesome Lantern

Actually, it’s not difficult for you to make this creative candle holder to be nice lanterns. You can make it by following step by step instruction of macrame outdoor lantern

  • Colorful Cube Lantern

For you who love colorful candle holder to place in your backyard, the detail DIY project you’ll find in DIY cube lantern 

  • Simple Soda Can Project

After you drink the soda, it’s good to use the can to become an antique lantern that you can color as you want. For the detail how to make it you can check DIY lantern ideas 


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