Makeup is one of the habits that must be done by most women. Even little girls like to imitate her mother to make up and look at their faces in front of the vanity mirror. In this case, a vanity mirror with enough lighting is needed. Beautiful vanity which has proper lighting you can have by plugging many bulbs or LED light on its frame as you will find below.

  1. Makeup Artist

By having vanity mirror with black background and frame, you may feel as an artist who which is being dressed up by professional. The existence of many bulb on the frame looks very nice and also very useful for you.

  1. All About White

In contrast with the previous designs which are black, this design is all-white color and looks very luxurious. A vanity mirror combined with wardrobe, and shoes storage looks very effective for you.

  1. Boring Vanity Mirror Counter

Maybe you are not a celebrity who often appear on television with perfect makeup. But it’s okay for having a nice dressing room with its complete fixtures. All this to please you while dressing up and enjoying the results while going out with friends.

  1. Pampering Yourself

It’s still about please yourself in enjoying your time to makeup. It can be an effort to make you more excited to spent your time outside.

  1. Dressing Vanity

Makeup doesn’t only need a mirror and a pallet of blush on and lipstick. You also need to feel comfortable and satisfied with what you have on the dressing vanity table. Some people love to put some of their pictures and be facilitated with some cozy furnitures. Even, the miniature of the romantic tower can be a nice thing on the table.

  1. Vanity Mirror for Little Girl

Do you wonder why the mirror vanity looks so narrow? Indeed, it can said this one is the cutest mirror vanity ever. Sometimes a little girl also wants to be like her mother to dress up and storage her collection of hair tie. Surely, the design is perfect for a cute and beautiful little girl. For the detail DIY project please check Making a Vanity from an old Dresser. 

  1. Vanity Large

For you who like the design of a wide and large mirror vanity, this design example is perfect for you. It has enough lighting from the bulbs as the light sources arround, but simple so it will look wider.

  1. Vanity Mirror for Bathroom

A vanity mirror with a horizontal LED lamp behind is perfect for installing on the wall of bathroom. It’s very simple, elegant and has sufficient lighting.

  1. Round Vanity Mirror for Bathroom

A round mirror with a lamp on its frame will look very beautiful and make you like to look at your face at the mirror while enjoying the shade again and again. It’s awesome, huh!

  1. Proper Light

Dressing up and getting right result on your face is a very desirable thing. For that, you definitely need the right lighting as well. It means, not too bright nor too dim, so you need a button to adjust the amount of light you need.

Original articel and pictures by : Decor Snob

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