Adding a table in a room will be great if you have a large room. However, not all tables are good enough. You can use a table accent. The sizes are not too big but it works well for any room. It will improve room decoration without breaking up the theme. You can buy accent tables from stores. If you deserve one of them so much but have no money to buy it, just make an accent table. We have gathered DIY accent table ideas to inspire you. Check them out further!

DIY Unique Twisty Table

Diy unique twisty table


It needs less than $6. Can you believe it? You only need a board. If you have a board in hand, it is a great thing. You don’t need to spend a penny. However, you have to show your woodworking skills to make this table. Follow the instruction from here

DIY Sheet Music Accent Table

Decoupage your old table with music sheets. Then, it will look more attractive. It is a super easy DIY project that a DIY newbie will do in less than an hour. You don’t have to build the table. Use your old table and make it more pop.

DIY Copper Accent Table

If you have copper on hand, use it to make a cool DIY copper accent table. This table looks so beautiful with a geometric design. Follow the instructions from Homedepot. Customize the size you want. Then, make your room more stylish with this copper accent table.

DIY Graphic Accent Table

Vintage lovers will love this graphic accent table. Just take your old white table. Then, write down your message or quotation. This table is classic but will work well with a modern design. Put this in a mudroom, living room, or your bedroom. 

DIY Rope Basket Accent Table

Do you have a rope basket on hand? Add wooden rounds to the top and bottom. Then it will be a Ballard knockoff table like you see in the picture. You will spend a lot of money to buy the ready accent table. So, making it by hand will be a much better idea.

DIY Old Barrel Accent Table 

Change an old barrel into another thing. This old table barrel is free and easy. Paint it in black and stencil the lettering in white paint to get a cool barrel accent table. You can finish it in less than an hour. What do you think? Will you make it for your teenage girl’s room?


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