Outdoor tables should be strong and durable due to the atmosphere that changes anytime. Sometimes, the weather gives rain while other days we get snow. Outdoor furniture should be made of high-quality materials for facing different seasons. Usually, they are made of wood, plastic, or even metal. In this section, we are going to show DIY outdoor table ideas that anyone can make. Most of them are in simple designs that will never go out of date. Check out and get inspired!

DIY Farmhouse-Inspired Outdoor Dining Table

Diy farmhouse-inspired outdoor dining table


Eating outdoor with friends in summer might be one of the adorable things. When the weather is going hit, it will be nice for us to drink ice coffee or ice tea with friends. After working for almost 9 hours, having fun outside will be nice. You need to get an outdoor dining table soon. Like this farmhouse-inspired outdoor dining table.

DIY Simple Outdoor Herringbone Table

This DIY simple outdoor herringbone table might become one the best things for your garden. It is made of some plywood that is arranged well in a herringbone pattern. You will need at least basic woodworking skills to build this table. Make sure that you attach each item strongly. Feel free to paint it with any colors you like.

DIY Tremendous Wooden Table for Outdoor

This is a simple outdoor dining table. Furthermore, you don’t need to buy expensive tools and or supplies. Get some woodblocks. Then, use them to make this DIY outdoor table. Feel free to customize the size and pattern. Even, you can paint it in your favorite color. Put this table outside next to your small garden.

DIY Outdoor Concrete Coffee Table

First of all, place concrete blocks on a simple frame. In this picture, the creator uses three concrete pavers. Then, those are placed well in the frame. This project is easy to copy. Even, a beginner can make this in minutes. You are free to make more than three concrete pavers for a longer coffee table. Then you will need a longer table frame as well.

DIY Wooden Dining Table for Outdoor

Create this awesome dining table by yourself. So, you don’t need to spend a lot of dollars. Sure, getting a ready-made table can cost much. Why don’t you make it this week? Prepare the tools and supplies. Then, follow the instruction here. For a beginner, it might need some hours. But, we guarantee you will love the result.

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