How many glass bottles do you have? You might use it for decorative purposes. Rather than throw or sell them, you can reuse them to decorate your home. Wine, old beer, or liquor bottles are perfect for DIY projects. You can directly use them to décor your home or change them into a new look. See our list below! We have collected DIY home décor using old glass bottles. Check out and get more inspiration further!

DIY Painted Wine Bottles

Diy painted wine bottles


What a lovely glass vase! You can it as many as possible. Prepare the glass bottle and paint any color you want. Then, add a ribbon. Put on the flower. Customize the design you love. You can sell wine bottle vases and earn money too. See the tutorials from Amanda

Glass Bottles into Candle Holders

You will need a bottle cutter to cut old glass bottles. Then, prepare pliers, boiling water, and a sink to make candle holders. You have to be careful in cutting the bottle. It is the hardest step, but we believe you can do it after practice. 

DIY Cement Covered Bottles

It is a unique way of using bottles to decorate your home. Covering the bottles with cement is not tricky. You will need a dust mask to protect your respiratory system. Then, grab gloves to protect your hand. You have to mix water and cement in a mixing bowl first. It is time to cover the bottles with anchoring cement. Ready? Read the tutorials further here

Beach-Theme Painted Bottles

Do you love beaches? It will be nice to decorate your room with a beach theme. You will need rubbing alcohol, a flat tip, and a soft paintbrush. Then, use translucent glass paint. Add twine and shells to bring a beach feeling to your home. Follow more instructions from here

Transform Bottles into Lamps

What do you think of it? A glass bottle also works well for a lamp. You will need paint, painter’s tape, a pen, old cereal boxes for a funnel, and a lampshade. See the tutorials here

Bottle Soap Dispenser

Turn an old bottle and refill it as needed. In this way, you will not need to buy a plastic soap dispenser. This craft is super easy. We believe a DIY newbie can finish it in minutes. You will need a bottle with a topper, stencil, and etching cream. Check out more tutorials here. Then, make a soap dispenser in your version. 


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