Adults and kids have their stress. Everyone might ever stress about something that they want or don’t want. Being too stressed will be dangerous to our health. We have to be able to overcome stress by doing something. Psychiatrists suggest that one is stressed to use stress balls. Then, he will get relaxed time by time. We should have them to get rid of our stress. Making DIY stress balls is not tricky. You can use common things in your home. Check out the list below and get more inspiration.

Macaroon Stress Balls

Macaroon stress balls


You will need makeup sponges. They are squishy and feel so perfect. Use a marker to draw a circle and scissors to cut it into a dome shape. Make a slit and cut off the excess to make the feet part of the macaron. If you want to make macaron stress balls, see the tutorials here

DIY Emoji Stress Balls 

We used to express our feeling through emojis. When we are sad, an emoji with that expression will show our feelings. What about using those faces as stress balls? So, you can damage sadness, anger, and other bad feelings.

DIY Pokemon Stress Ball

Have you ever watched the Pokemon series? They are so cute. It has a game version as well. Using a Pokemon character as a stress ball will make us better. We are sure. They have cute faces. Holding Pokemon in hand will allow us to see it anytime.

Homemade Giant Mesh Stress Ball 

Look at this mesh stress ball. Negative thoughts will not hold your mind anymore. Squeezing it will be fun. You can do it at home when you feel stressed about your job. Making this stress ball is not tricky. You can follow the instructions here

DIY Unicorn Stress Ball

You will need a balloon, some unicorn-colored glitter, and gelatin. Simply, use a funnel to pour it inside the balloon. So, you can use this to omit your stress with this unicorn ball. Get ready to make it after seeing the full tutorials here. You make this craft with your kid too. They might love unicorns as well.

DIY Doughnut Stress Balls 

Take a sponge and start shaping the doughnut with some scissors. Start making it around. Then make the hole slightly bigger. When the basic form is ready, you can add playdough to cover it. Wait until it dries, so you can use it to remove stress.




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