Popsicle sticks are versatile. Anyone can make something from them. No doubt. Those are super cheap. Decorating a home might be more penny, but popsicle sticks will do it well. Paint them with pastel colors. Then, use them to make a shelf, lamp, or other home decorative items you want. Start from now, do not throw away popsicle sticks after eating ice creams. Those might give you more advantages. Check out our list below! Get more inspiring ideas to make home decor items using popsicle sticks.

DIY Easter Bunny From Popsicle Sticks

Diy easter bunny from popsicle sticks


No need to paint each popsicle stick. In this craft, you only have to attach it using glue. Follow the pattern of a bunny carefully. Then, you will get a DIY Easter bunny for your decor. Put that ready bunny on the table. Feel free to customize it by adding some accessories. Or, you are pleased to paint it too.

DIY Stick Flower Pot

What a pretty flower pot! First of all, paint each stick with different colors. Then, attach them one by one to a bucket. Add a cute sticker to make it more interesting. Fill the pot with soil and succulent or other plants you want. It is a super easy project. It will change your room to look more cheerful.

DIY Hexagon Shelf

Here is the shelf that you need to improve your wall decor. It is a super cheap project that is affordable for anyone. Attach the stick one by one using glue to shape a hexagon. Then, add more sticks until you get the shelf like in the picture. Let it dry for some minutes. Then, hang it on the wall. Add the plant you like.

DIY Rainbow Popsicle Wreath

It is summer. Then, it is the perfect time to change your wreath. Make this DIY rainbow popsicle wreath and get your wall decor changed instantly. Find the wreath or just a wooden circle. Then, attach the colored popsicle to it one by one. This wreath works well for summer or spring decor. Add it to your kids’ room or nursery room to add a warm feel.

DIY Popsicle Stick Lamp 

Make kids’ rooms look adorable by adding these popsicle stick lamps. Look at the shape that works well for almost any style. Creating these lamps is easy. You will need two hoops, a bulb, and popsicles to make a piece of the lamp. Attach the popsicle to two different sizes of hoops. Then, add the bulb. The process might be an hour. 


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