People are questioning how to store their awkward tools tidily. Most of them throw those tools in a warehouse or put them in a box. However, they will be so crazy to find one of the tools when needed someday. To arrange awkward tools, you need a pegboard that so versatile for any purpose. You can organize and display your tools and easy to get them anytime. Let us see further ideas below!

Floor to Ceiling Pegboard Storage

Floor to ceiling pegboard storage


Having this entire wall pegboard will be so much helpful. It is easy to paint the pegboard in dual colors like this picture. Further, you can save anything without worrying about the storage space. Add more shelves, hooks, and anything here also will be nice.

DIY Jewelry Storage

Storing jewelry items might not a hard thing because it needs not a large space. However, it will be nice to display them in an area that easy to reach. Using pegboard is a nice idea. You can add more nails or hooks to hang your necklaces, bracelets, and more.

Modern Pegboard Storage

In this modern pegboard, the owner will be able to display anything that included an indoor plant, mirror, photo, and more. With its white color, the pegboard looks invisible. So, the room looks larger. This minimalist pegboard will work well even for a very small room.

Craft Display on Pegboard

Crafting is fun and nice to do. However, you may need a space to save the result. One of the best ways to store your craft is pegboard storage. You can display your painting here along with all the things related to craft.

Word Art Pegboard

Shape the pegboard in a more artistic way is fun. See this word art pegboard that can be displayed in your office nook. Furthermore, you still be able to hang your awkward tools like scissors, cutter, or anything in each letter.

Cool Ombre Pegboard

It is not hard to attain an eye-catching storage space in your room. This picture shows us that a pegboard can be so much stunning. See how the creator applies an ombre style for the pegboard that looks nice. Attach a wire basket as an additional storage space.

Kitchen Tools Storage

Kitchen tools look messy if you don’t know how to arrange them. Using a pegboard to display them will be a nice idea. Look at this picture, the tools are arranged well, right?

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