Don’t ever underestimate your old ladder because it could be functional and awesome to add a unique touch to your home decoration. Its flexibility gives you an opportunity to utilize it to have extra value. You can repaint it if you think that the ladder looks too shabby. You might also consider the repainting idea based on the spot you will put the ladder. It is impossible for you to put the shabby ladder to your dining spot, right? In this case, not everyone can deal with shabby things while eating. At least you should make sure that the ladder has the clean look.

The possibilities of ladder utilization are really varied. You can use it to be the furniture or home accessories. Even for the hanger utilization, you can have it in some ways. Simply lean back the ladder, or you can hang it first then add some hooks. The other ideas are by using it as the rack, decorative lighting, room divider, wall ornament, etc. Please check out the following images so that you can find out how awesome the ladder utilization could be.

Burlap Display from Drivenbydecor

Hanging Chandelier from Drivenbydecor

Ladder Racks from Drivenbydecor

Jacket Hanger from Drivenbydecor

Napkins Display from Drivenbydecor

Horizontal Racks from Drivenbydecor

Bookshelf with Basket from Decoratedlife

Blankets Display from Decoratedlife

Folding Screen from Decoratedlife

Towel Display from Decoratedlife

Photos Display from Decoratedlife

Bookcase from Decoratedlife

House Plants Display from Decoratedlife

Wooden Ladder Bookcase from Decoist

Black Ladder Towel Display from Decoist

White Tableware from Decoist

Office Shelves from Decoist

Toys Display from Decoist Picture Display from Decoist 

White Ladder Shelf from Decoist

Bamboo Ladder Towel Display from Decoist

Brown Ladder Plate Display from Decoist

Ladder Desk from Decoist

Ceiling Lighting from Homebnc

Towel Shelf with Baskets from Homebnc

Pots Display from Homebnc

Wall Ladder Racks from Homebnc

Shoes Display from Homebnc

Coffee Table from Homebnc

Wooden Ladder Pans Rack from Homebnc

Old Ladder Canopy from Homebnc

Ladder Stand Hanger from Homebnc

Blanket and Towel Display from Homebnc

Coffee Cup Display from Homebnc

Board Game Display from Homebnc

Green Ladder Wall Art from Homebnc

Toys Display from Shelving Ideas

House Plants Display from Shelving Ideas

Black Ladder Book Racks from Shelving Ideas

Books Racks from Shelving Ideas

Bathroom Ladder Shelves from Shelving Ideas

Doll and Books Display from Shelving Ideas

Books Shelf from Shelving Ideas

Magazine Display from Shelving Ideas

Ornament Display from Shelving Ideas

Wooden Ladder Bookcase from Casanesia

Ornament Display from Casanesia

Old Ladder Book Shelf from Casanesia

White Towel Display from Casanesia

Toiletries Display from Casanesia

Mini House Plants Display from Casanesia

Vertical Shoes Display from Hative

Photos Display from Hative

Horizontal Books Racks from Hative

Cooking Ware Display from Hative

Tissue Storage with Basket from Hative

Pots Display from Ideas4diy

Corner Ladder Bookshelf from Ideas4diy

Latter L Ladder Racks from Ideas4diy

Antique Ladder Shelf from Ideas4diy

Wooden Bookcase from Ideas4diy

Greenery Display from Ideas4diy

Detailed Ladder Bookcase from Mymydiy

House Plants and Books Display from Mymydiy

Black Ladder Racks from Mymydiy

A Latter L Old Ladder Book Shelves from Mymydiy

Industrial Ladder Shelf from Mymydiy

Ombre Ladder Rack from Ifonlyapril

Hanging Ladder Racks from Ifonlyapril

DIY Old Wooden Ladder Shelves from Mostcraft

Horizontal Ladder Racks from Mostcraft

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